Biri sizi silksin!

Ne güzel sorunlarınız var amına koyayim.
Sevdim sevmedi. Istedim vermedi. Gitti onu sevdi.
Of. Gına geldi arkadaş. Yalnızlıktan kırılıyor ortalık. Gidin bulun bir eş.

Hayatta elektrik, su, kol gibi kira, hastalık, genel anlamda parasızlık, okulsuzluk, babasizlik, annesizlik, kolsuzluk, ölüm gibi daha ciddi konular var.
Her nefes aldigimiz günden nefret etmisligimiz var.
Sonra hiç istemediğimiz iş kollarında mecburen çalışma zorunlulugu gibi bir ilke var.

Oturmuş babasının evinde, yakışıklı prensini-prensesini bekliyor. Hala ordan bidi bidi yapıyor.
Sizlere abla tavsiyesi vereyim poncik tumblr gençleri
Sizin götünüz hiç dara düşmemiş.

Bu sorunların yanında, hayatımda çok güzel bir adam var. Hadi kiskanin ibisler. Oh canıma değsin: )
Nerden nereye atladim amk. Kafalar roket: )


‘Dragon Ball Z’ vs. 'Street Fighter II’ Video Is Your Childhood Dreams Come True

'90s kids, YouTube just made your weekend.Nabil Ayari, a video editor and filmmaker, posted a short film to the site on Thursday, in which Goku from “Dragon Ball Z” systematically demolishes the iconic cast from “Street Fighter II.”

Watch the full video – we are not worthy.

mygoodrabbit  asked:

I'm tempted to ask 1 for everybody you haven't done yet because it is my favorite thing ever but I WON'T BECAUSE THAT'S CRUEL. Anyway 7 for Selk and Ayarie (bc I wonder about how their childhoods would impact such a thing.) 10 & 11 for Cesly, 14 for Dathen, 15 for Fels.

When they were younger, was there anyone who they wanted to be just like when they grew up?


Ayarie watched whatever holovids she could get her hands on, which given her family’s poverty wasn’t many, but her favorite vid was a cheesy low-budget flick about a dashing twi’lek “pirate” (i.e. suspicious lack of actual piracy) woman who just flew around and had adventures and had everyone swooning over her.  Her feelings on the character certainly soured when real pirates sold her family into slavery, but the character had a huge influence on her choice of career and the course her life took.


The very first time he was thrown into the fighting pits, it was as nexu bait instead of as a gladiator—but as he was waiting he exchanged a few words with an older gladiator named Grate, and that conversation shaped how Selk would see himself and how he would cope with a life full of hardships.  He didn’t consciously want to be like him, exactly, the only conscious thoughts on that matter being that he wanted to be like the most obedient and dependable slave, to be whatever would keep him away from the whipes and the rancor pits and the shock collars.  But below that somewhere was the desire to emulate what Grate was—strong enough to survive, kind enough to offer comfort, but most of all seeing himself innocent of all the murders he was forced to commit.

Do they enjoy visiting lots of planets, or would they stay in one place given the choice? Do they enjoy space travel itself?


She’s pretty much always homesick for Corellia, really.  There are some places she likes visiting, such as Alderaan and Coruscant, but they’re not Corellia (and therefore have far inferior museums).  She finds space travel boring and cramped-feeling but it gives her time to catch up on her reading so she doesn’t mind it too much.  As long as people leave her in peace to work her way through a dozen or two romance novels.

What would they do if lost in the middle of nowhere?


Ahahaha did you know in the Ghost AU ghost-dathen died because he got lost in the woods why did you ask this question for him you evildoer

Actually though space Dathen doesn’t have much of a problem with this; he always has some sort of positioning hardware with him, and a few backups for that just in case, and if planning to go into unpopulated areas will leave a tracking beacon on his ship to boot (though more for the purpose of tracking it down again if someone tries to steal it).  His sense of direction is sorely lacking so he does get lost a lot, but he’s used to easily finding his way again.

What reasonably non-embarrassing things embarrass them easily?


A lot of Chiss idioms really don’t translate well into Basic.  At all.  But he uses them a lot still (translating the words are hard enough let alone translating the thoughts), and sometimes gets left trying to repeat it over and over wondering if he’s forgetting his vocabulary again or mangled the grammar.  

Or where someone says something that sounds like a translated idiom and he reacts to it as such, thoroughly confusing everyone until someone kindly explains to him that it’s not actually that big of an insult to call someone “fair-haired” in the Republic and he can stop looking horrified now.