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It’s not much since I just filed bankruptcy and don’t have money to spare, but while downtown I put a quarter in the meters for the cars next to mine since they had expired… and there was a cop walking that way.

I also made composite olive oil/basil butter for my brother-in-law who is on a very bland, very restricted diet due to newly discovered food allergies.  It’s one of the few flavorful things he can have!

Lastly, I had a TGI Friday’s “August Deals” card for three different meal discounts.  I gave it to some friends with a young son so maybe they can have a fun dinner out together.

I got to meet my niece Samantha this weekend! She was a Halloween baby and I drove halfway across the state the next day just to meet her. She’s my older Sis ayarel’s second (and last lol) child.

Older Sis took the photo lol, even though she just gave birth…I stuck around for quite awhile to help with Samantha while other family went out to eat. I was in such an awkward position for this photo, trying to shift around for optimal comfort for Sammy. And yeah, totally calling my niece Sammy already. ^_^

She’s such a hardcore deep sleeper and seems to be doing well! My older sister is definitely worn out and recovering…goodness. O_o

Brother-in-law is taking it in stride as he always does, and my nephew, older brother Alex was cranky when I visited, eek, but I did get a hug from him before I left. I’ll see everyone again for Sammy’s baptism soon. :)  Gonna be a godmother again hee hee.

ayarel replied to your video: I got a fish last week. Nice turquoise butterfly…

I vote for Sven! Also, I’ll give you fair warning: If you let them hang out together, never leave them unsupervised. Males can be fatally aggressive. (And babies almost always look like the mom.)

Ohhh, I know. I used to have sooooo many bettas and even bred a pair when I was 13! Can’t believe that was 7 years ago. And that I no longer have all that expensive equipment….


I hadn’t looked at the updated Google Maps yet this year, and so I decided to check out my parents’ home. They are currently making a slow move out of their long time home to a nice place in town.

This is the farm I grew up on and spent my entire childhood. The first image is the house, and the second photo shows more of my parents’ property (with grain bins) that continues down their personal little gravel road that runs parallel to the highway…and then I paused…


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you and your sister really look alike!

We do, don’t we? :3 It seems we look more similar the older we get, heh.

We always get extreme responses though. People think we look really alike or we don’t look anything alike in the least! Depends on the photo/situation I guess? There’s never a response of anything in between, hee hee.



Of course, I’m always making stupid faces in photos, so it’s hard to compare LOL.

Our younger sister…don’t have any good comparison photos of her at the moment. You online, Jac? :P


Rule 1. Post the rules.
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1. If the police took you in for questioning, what would your family/friends/neighbors think it was about? Probably calling me in as some sort of witness to a domestic dispute considering some of the neighbors I’ve had here. I’m well behaved so…If I was at fault for something…speeding tickets? But that hasn’t happened for awhile.
2. If a clothing line were to be fashioned after your wardrobe, what would it be called? DangitCUTE
3. Which celebrity would model your clothing line? Kristen Schaal
4. What’s your favorite tent/sewer/squatter city? I don’t know much about this really, so I’ll say New York.
5. Where were you the night of June 23rd, 2012? BIZARRELY ENOUGH I can be fairly specific. It was a Saturday and I was at my home giving my cat his annual summer shearing and also a bath. I was home all day and probably was on tumblr after that, bitching about how my queue wasn’t working.
6. There’s a small, terrifying creature in your sink. What is it? Black Widow spider.
7. Why won’t they let you have scissors anymore? I let them sit in water and rust.
8. How long is your ideal commute from the crime scene to where you dumped the bodies? Hmmm…15 minutes?
9. Your phone rings at 3 am. Who is calling and are you ready to take that call? My best friend Michan or family…which means bad news at that hour typically. :(
10. Do you have a lawyer? NOPE. Wait. Are you planning on doing something to me? *snorts*

11. What is your favorite noodle? HOSHI RICE NOODLES (although I really like ramen and soba too)

  • 1. Savory foods or sweets?
  • 2. Is there a genre of music you absolutely abhor?
  • 3. Did you know what the sport of punting was before I asked?
  • 5. Do you prefer drawing over writing? Or don’t care for either?
  • 6. Pepsi or Coke or do you simply not care?
  • 7. If you had to live in an ancient civilization, which one?
  • 8. If you had to retrieve an object, would you rather look around a cave or climb a giant tree?
  • 9. If you were paid to research any subject you wanted to make a small presentation or write a short book, what would it be?
  • 10. Take a plane trip or ride a train?
  • 11. What is the dumbest thing you have gotten in trouble for that you didn’t actually do?

I caused my older sister to have dreams about Benedict Cumberbatch because of my tumblr. I mentioned it awhile back. *laughs* Now she and her hubby have watched the first series of Sherlock and plan to watch the second series soon.

I cracked up today when I found out they had started to watch Supernatural and finished season 1…which once again is the fault of my tumblr…AND Michan’s no doubt *evil laughter*.

My sis is feeling impatient that she has to wait until season 4 to see Cas! *cackling evil* She told me I cheated for skipping those seasons when I started watching orginally. :3 LOL

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Ack! I have a love-hate relationship with my glassware. Hate when they break, but great for baking!

Yeah. Don’t get as scuzzy as metal pans as quickly and clean up far easier!

Also I forgotten how huge this spaghetti squash was (they only had large ones when I bought it). Way too big to fit any of my usual lunch-packing containers.

But remember those old tupperware containers grandma gave each of us in our care-packages last weekend for Christmas? Turns out my is just the right size to hold the squash, a bowl, and silverware. Well! Problem solved.

ayarel replied to your post “Also…started watching American Horror Story on Netflix while I was…”

I might start that too…. Hmm.

I like it pretty well so far (not done with episode 2 quite yet).

maliks-discostick replied to your post “Also…started watching American Horror Story on Netflix while I was…”

It gets weird and unnerving but it’s really hard to stop watching.

Yay~! I love that in a horror story. This will be…interesting. :3

And you’re right. It is hard to stop watching!