So here’s it without out the guy gif thing…
I’m going to talk about it’s meaning (even though I know no one really cares. =p)
Alright, so I produce a mixture between psytrance and hippie forest stuff. I suppose it can me considered forest psytrance, but it’s not as simple as most forest songs. Who I would like to be perceived as while listeners are listening to my music is a Mythical faun from the roman era, yet the faun has some alterations from its original design. Instead of being a physical Being, he is loose and travels with a very liquicit(liquidy) nature. Ayaosa, my alter ego,(my producer name/the faun) is a manifestation of all the nature and animals on this planet. But, he has bend infected with humanity, which causes him to feel, whether the feelings are good or bad he has them like humans do. For each time he encounters a human, he comes to see who they are, but, for most of whom come across him are lost, they have problems understanding who they are, so Ayaosa has two options: Help the lost lonely traveler, or hinder the traveler’s mind and his spirit to however he chooses. So to sum Ayaosa, myself, up:
Ayaosa is a spiritual creature that guides the listener through a journey of discovery of self and all that is or ever will be.

The album I’m working on is titled, “Rippled Binui.” It is an 8 track album with a musical structure of psytrance and psybient and a theme of the 7 chakras of the body. The first song is an introduction to the endless Ayaosa where you will be placed into a world of imagination. You will encounter Ayaosa here and he will inform you what journey the two of you will embark. The second is the base of the guided journey, it is the Root chakra leading to the third song through the Sacral chakra leading to the rest of the album until you reach the crown, the divine chakra releasing you to the spiritually cosmic state of mind. All the songs will be set in the correct frequency the corresponds to the given chakra.

I’m very excited to finish this album. It’ll go into the mastering studio sometime before december. I’ll be making just 100 hard copies that’ll be about 10 bucks each. It’ll have the above album heart and such. I’ll also put the album on piratebay and various other websites as a free download so you can at least give me  a listen and download the schtuff and show your friends. If you like me enough you can buy a hard copy, which would be awesome. I mean look at that album cover! Badass to the deepest way. I’ll probably have a release of the first song by september that’s completely mastered and mixed, so you can get a glimpse of what I’m about.
  Welp…I’m done typing. Peace. =)

Planting a Seed - Ayaosa

Hey howdy, hey. I’m posting this so I can talk about a song/album idea I have. I’m doing this more or less to get feedback and maybe some ideas on what to add to it. I’m a big talker so this will be very descriptive.

 I’ll give you some background on my experience first. I have been working with electronic music for almost 8 years now,  so I have a decent amount of musical experience. Although, with that being said, I haven’t actually made a complete electronica song, only fragments, half songs, and presets. The reason for that though is for me to practice all of the little things that make up these types of songs.

 The type of electronica I’ve experimented with is ambient, chillout, downtempo, electro, techno, glitch hop, industrial, dnb, and dubstep. My goal for the type of music I want to play is psybient. This is basically every genre the producer likes to make or listens to combined into one genre. I’ve been waiting for this day, and I believe I’m actually at the stage to start it.

 I’m a shpongle/ott/shulman/entheogenic fan, so I all about making music that will send people straight down into their minds. I love shpongle for his intensely advance and guru technique of his music. Ott has the really awesome reagae/chillout feel, also he works with pretty much only analog and just pure hardware, which is pretty neat to think about. Shulman tells stories with his music, which is exactly what I want to do with my music, tell stories.

 I want to make albums solely for the exploration of a given topic, almost like a movie. I’m going to be making a sound track to a story I wrote. Basically everything in the story will be explained with sampling, pure synthesis and drumming

 Okay, finally here what I’ve been working on. I’m not putting up any samples or wips of this EP of mine; I just want to tell the story in a generalized way.

  [b]Planting a Seed [/b]

Walking through a field of tall grass you wonder around noticing all the things around you. The birds are singing their morning chirps, bugs are buzzing by dancing in the wind, and the wind is blowing and brushing the grass against your legs. You look up and watch the clouds wisp away, taking deep breaths enjoying every second of this day.

Looking back down, you see a magnificent tree on the top of a small hill. You start making your way over there, still listening to nature swirling along. You notice how the leaves are smacking against each other, the noise of it.

 You take in another deep breath, closing your eyes. As you exhale and glide your eyes open, you notice a river. You take a liking to the steady current and splashing of the stream against the rocks and boulders, so you make your way over there. The sound of the water gets steadily louder. There’s a huge flat boulder untouched on the top in the middle of the river, how exciting. You hop from stone to stone.

 Shit, you almost slipped on that one. Being more cautious you make the last few leaps to the boulder. What a sigh of relief it is to be on this rock. You turn to watch the current drift downstream. The current is so noisy; everything nature-wise seemed to have disappeared.

“Why is the river moving by faster?” You ponder to yourself.

“Dear God!” :shock:

There is a 20 foot wave right above you. It crashes onto you sending you downstream. Your hearing is much muffled you are disoriented. You black out. (Pads come in/song switch)

You wake up, completely able to see underwater. Freaking out, you question how you aren’t dead. You appear to be able to breathe underwater now. “Nifty!”

You start to go with it and swim around. Exploring the inner depths of this vast body of water. You end up find numerous things, animals playing instruments, mermaids singing, temptation, sea creatures, and all sorts of madness that leaves you wanting to find more.

(^that part last a long while, so there’s going to be around 4 or 6 songs in there/Song switch)

You come across a cavern. The water gets cold. Chills are shot down your spine. Everything gets really quiet. Looking around it, you try to make something out. All of the sudden a current starts to draw you in. You swim away, fighting it with every ounce of your being. No matter how fast or how hard you swim you just can’t fight the current. You come to a state of mind where you accept nothing can be done and decide to let go. Everything is moving so fast, you don’t know what’s going on. All of your memories from this past adventure are popping up. All of the music, sounds, voices you heard are freezing in time. Eventually the current slows down, but you’re unable to move. The water around you is actually freezing. Ice completely forms around you.

(Pads lift listener up to the surface)

Very crisp, hard pads will be going on after that.

My footsteps on the ice are coming from a distance. Very faded and gradually getting clearer. You start hearing me squeeze a tin can, spraying liquid all over. The noise of the water pans from side to side, gets quieter and loud depending on the distance from you. I throw the can behind me, having the noise of it disappear into nothing. A box filled with matches is heard. The matches shuffle around. I pick out one, strike it against the box. Light my cigarette. I inhale and exhale. I toss the still lit match. The sound of it moves in slow motion. The swirling of it gets louder, and louder until…BOOSH it hits the lighter fluid. Everything is set to flames. (I use a dubstep feel for this part) Everything is going crazy, the noises of the past start to unfreeze and I break the noises down. As in, I’m using glitch and other various tools to break the sounds into little bits show the inner working of them. Messing with their frequencies, sub and reese bass ripping and scratching through everything.

 Eventually after a bunch of chaos, it ascends from a peaceful campfire with bongos, acoustic guitars, and steel drums playing. Maybe some singing can be thrown in.

So, there you have it, my first EP in a nut shell. What do you guys think? How do you feel about my approach to this? Any suggestions on things I should add, take away, or know about sound design? I also like to know if this story would be interesting enough to continue with, so just let me know.  :wink:

If you or you know someone who is a musician that wants to help me out with this concept album, give me ideas on what you would like to be a part of in the album. Come up with some song ideas that could be in the underwater exploration scene or what you would like to add to any of the other scenes. Use your imagination. =D