So here’s it without out the guy gif thing…
I’m going to talk about it’s meaning (even though I know no one really cares. =p)
Alright, so I produce a mixture between psytrance and hippie forest stuff. I suppose it can me considered forest psytrance, but it’s not as simple as most forest songs. Who I would like to be perceived as while listeners are listening to my music is a Mythical faun from the roman era, yet the faun has some alterations from its original design. Instead of being a physical Being, he is loose and travels with a very liquicit(liquidy) nature. Ayaosa, my alter ego,(my producer name/the faun) is a manifestation of all the nature and animals on this planet. But, he has bend infected with humanity, which causes him to feel, whether the feelings are good or bad he has them like humans do. For each time he encounters a human, he comes to see who they are, but, for most of whom come across him are lost, they have problems understanding who they are, so Ayaosa has two options: Help the lost lonely traveler, or hinder the traveler’s mind and his spirit to however he chooses. So to sum Ayaosa, myself, up:
Ayaosa is a spiritual creature that guides the listener through a journey of discovery of self and all that is or ever will be.

The album I’m working on is titled, “Rippled Binui.” It is an 8 track album with a musical structure of psytrance and psybient and a theme of the 7 chakras of the body. The first song is an introduction to the endless Ayaosa where you will be placed into a world of imagination. You will encounter Ayaosa here and he will inform you what journey the two of you will embark. The second is the base of the guided journey, it is the Root chakra leading to the third song through the Sacral chakra leading to the rest of the album until you reach the crown, the divine chakra releasing you to the spiritually cosmic state of mind. All the songs will be set in the correct frequency the corresponds to the given chakra.

I’m very excited to finish this album. It’ll go into the mastering studio sometime before december. I’ll be making just 100 hard copies that’ll be about 10 bucks each. It’ll have the above album heart and such. I’ll also put the album on piratebay and various other websites as a free download so you can at least give me  a listen and download the schtuff and show your friends. If you like me enough you can buy a hard copy, which would be awesome. I mean look at that album cover! Badass to the deepest way. I’ll probably have a release of the first song by september that’s completely mastered and mixed, so you can get a glimpse of what I’m about.
  Welp…I’m done typing. Peace. =)