Ayano Keiko “Silica” Appreciation

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Silica was a young girl when the SAO inciden occurred. She was under the recommended age and because of this was more effected psychologically from the entire experience in the beginning. She had developed trust issues because of the people she had come into contact to who wanted to use her for being a rare Beast Tamer with a remarkably rare dragon known as Pina. There was also many boys who tried to take advantage of her cute looks by arranging the marriage system, especially the user Aaaaaaaaa, however these attempts were all proven to fail.

Her usename is based off of her name Keiko, which is meant to resemble the molecule for Silicon Dioxide, which is also seen in her design, her two pigtails being the Oxygen atoms. This is a trend that runs in her family, being the next atomic numbered molecule. Personally, I believe the choice in name to honor her roots is cute and respectable. Pina, her dragon, was named after a cat that Silica owned in the real world with the same name, showing she really loved and missed her cat. It was probably her best friend before she was caught into the SAO game. 

Eventually, Silica meets Kirito, the Black Swordsman. Although he was just using her in the beginning, they did eventually blend some chemistry in a brother sister sort of situation. He aided her once Pina had fallen from a monster who attacked her which allowed Silica to finally have a person that she could trust. That friendship would lead her to come to make friends with Asuna, Lisbeth, Lux, Leafa, and so many others. 

Silica has self-awareness for her chest. It is quite obvious in many off hand comments, or whenever Lisbeth holds Leafa’s chest to such high standards. It is a shame to see really that she feels and looks so miserable within this area. If it were I, I would always assure her that the chest size of a girl doesn’t matter, but the personality, and Silica has a sweet and gentle personality, but not too the fault where she cant get action done when it is needed. 

Silica was the first girl in SAO that I fell in love with. She was a happy character that had a lot of growing potential. Within Girls Ops, her character is shown to have grown so much since the day she had lost her friend Pina. A lot of people think of her as an unnecessary filler character, but believe me when I say that throughout the story, if it were not for her or Lisbeth (another character seen as filler), there would be certain events in Allicization that would have gone entirely different in a bad way. Look forward to that!

Honestly I love Silica, flat chest and all. She is underrated and seen as an annoyance that just isn’t true. To really appreciate her, you just have to look at her for real. I will argue though that the show by itself does not do her a lot of justice. It takes playin the games and reading the Girls Ops manga to appreciate her to the fullest!

PS: Her SWE abridged voice actress is the biggest sweetheart ever. And the SWE abridged character in general is perfect!