ayano's theory of happiness


Amami’s theory of survival

Kagerou Daze Manga - Chapter 47: Ayano’s Theory of Happiness III


Comic GENE 2月 issue (read right to left)
Manga by: Satou Mahiro
Original by: Jin (Shizen no Teki-P)
Character Designs by: Shidu, Wannyanpuu

Disclaimer: Only the scanning of the pages belong to me.

Even though we’re similar…why?
You’re thinking of protecting your little sister like me, so I’m not wrong.
That’s because I,
Think I have to kill my little sister Mary.

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The Train of Feels derailed and we got ourselves a corrupted Hero, who I like to call Ayandere at here.

Hey! Have you ever wondered what happens if Ayano have no friends, Mary come over to the house and cause her to go with her parents to look for clues on the Medusa? Well here’s the chapter!

Oh, no translations I’m afraid. If you want to know what happened in this chapter, @fuyuyuu made a summary post here.

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Ayano’s Theory of Happiness But Every Time I’m In Pain It Slows Down

i see this nightmare every night so now you will too


God… this took way, way too long. But the primary sketches and design for the Noblesse Theory of Happiness fan video is finally, finally done after quite a while! More information under the cut! Warning for manhwa spoilers, despite this being an AU of sorts.

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