ayano gunji


Some pics of old Myu actresses going to see La Reconquista and Petite Etrangere :) both include Hisano Akamine (Mercury), Ayano Gunji (Chibi Moon) and Yuuka Asami (Neptune), and the first 2 have Emi Kuriyama (Jupiter) while the second 2 have Nao Inada (Venus).

@harshsaintcry here you go, the pictures of Ayano XD (oo that rhymed)

Today is Usagi and Chibiusa’s birthday so here is a pic from Last Dracul of my favourite Moon and Chibimoon from the musicals XD Miyuki Kanbe and Ayano Gunji XD Happy Birthday Usagi and Chibiusa!


Ayano Gunji performs Mata Mata Chibiusa Desu (It’s Chibiusa Once Again) from Last Dracul