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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 120 Translation

Hello my fellow Kimi ni Todoke fans!!

This chapter marks the beginning of the end - it will be the first chapter in the final volume. As I said in an earlier post, we still don’t know how many chapters we have before the conclusion, but we are definitely in the final arc (after this chapter, I would guess that we have 3 - 4 more, based on the typical page count of previous Kimi ni Todoke manga volumes). 

Before you start reading, I just want to put out my usual disclaimer. I can read Japanese and I study the language in my free time, but I’m nowhere near fluent. I have no experience as a translator (with the exception of the KnT summaries and translations I’ve written). Sometimes I can’t figure a line out or I make mistakes, and while I do my best to convey the sentiment I found in the original dialogue, there are times when it sounds pretty stilted. So I just want to warn you that what you’ll be reading is what I understood, whether it’s right or wrong - I’m trying to share what I personally got from the chapter, errors and all. But hopefully this gives those of you who can’t read Japanese a sense of what’s happening, even if the translation isn’t exactly right. It’s just to tide you over until the official version is released! :)

As far as I know, the next chapter will come out in the October issue of Bessatsu Margaret (September 13th); like this chapter, it’s going to have a colored title page! I would really encourage you to purchase the magazine, if you’re able to financially - not only is it a great way to support Shiina-sensei, it makes for a really cool collectible since the series is almost over! 

Now pack your bags guys, cause we’re going away to college~~

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Kimi ni Todoke Chapter 117 Translation

Thank you @rosemask22 for posting images from the chapter! 

Once again, I’m not fluent, nor am I pretending my knowledge of Japanese is extensive. There will definitely be mistakes in here, and there were a few lines I just couldn’t wrap my brain around. Some of the translations are fairly liberal, others are kind of stilted. That said, if you want to get a feel for what’s being said on each page, I hope this will help!

It’s pretty long, so if you would rather read something more concise, @lalasma did an awesome translation of the Chapter 117 summary!

The format goes something like this:

Speaker: “Dialogue”

Speaker: (Thought)

Page numbers do not match the page numbers on the scans.

Let’s go to Pin’s apartment, shall we?

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Poisoning is not my No 1 choice of killing Kokona (no surprise there XD) But I like that choking animation, although so far Senpai won’t react to Kokona choking. So here’s a good old strangulation, Yandere-chan got a cable from the computer room and.. I know she wears long white gloves, but I decided to try short black gloves XD.

Usually I don’t do lineart, so sorry it looks messy ^^“.

your-heart-after-mine  asked:

Hey girl, can you give a summary of chapter 116? Pretty please? ^^

Hey! Sorry for replying so late! 


I’m not fluent in Japanese, and I don’t have much experience translating. I can read and look up words I don’t know, but I’m not claiming that this is a super accurate translation. Some things I was shaky on, and I didn’t translate every line. There are probably mistakes. But this is at least the gist of what’s going on, and I hope it helps until a better / official translation is released! :) 

Colored Pages: Exams in January. Kazehaya’s mother asks if he has his admission ticket for the exam. He says he’s got it before heading to the exam center. Sawako’s mother tells her to be careful and “Fight!” as she leaves home. “And, in February, each of us approaches the crucial moment.”

Page 1: Sawako wishes Kazehaya a happy Valentine’s Day. She says that even though she’s giving him store-bought chocolate this year, she thinks it will still taste good. Kazehaya thanks her for doing that for him, and Sawako apologizes for taking up his time when he’s busy studying.

Page 2: They are happy to see each other, and Kazehaya admits that he feels kind of shy since they haven’t been able to meet for a while. The students are currently in a “home study” period, and even though it’s only for a little bit, she and Kazehaya have met each other for the past 3 Valentine’s Days. Before leaving, he tells Sawako to do her best!

Page 3: Chizu texts Sawako a picture of the homemade chocolate she made for Ryu. As soon as Sawako replies to Chizu’s message, she suddenly gets a message from Ayane titled, “Report” (as in her exam results).

Page 4: Message reads: “I passed. I’m heading to the school to let them know.” Sawako says, “You…did it…Ayane-chan…you did it…!!” 

Page 5: “You did it!!!!” Sawako thinks: “Ayane-chan, you’re a step ahead.” 

Page 6: Ayane thinks about what Pin would say if he knew the cough drop he gave her was her good luck charm while she took the exam. (The imaginary Pin in the background is bragging, “It’s all thanks to me!! Ha Ha Ha!!”) She laughs because it seems like something he’d say. “But,” she thinks, “If he said that, I wouldn’t be able to deny it.”

Page 7: “If Pin hadn’t been there, I would have given up a long time ago. If I tell him I passed, what will he say?”

Page 8: Ayane suddenly realizes it’s Valentine’s Day.

Page 9: Ayane thinks, “Now that I think about it, I gave chocolate my first and second years of high school!!! To Pin!!! No way!!!” She thinks about how she could give it to him – as a “thank you” or with a friendly, light-hearted attitude? Ultimately she decides it’s impossible and dashes away.

Page 10: Ayane thinks, “Since Pin is shameless, maybe he’ll demand chocolate. In that case, wouldn’t it be good to come prepared? I’ll say, ‘It can’t be helped’ or something like, ‘Even though it’s for my dad…’” Suddenly Chigusa calls out to her and asks if she came to school to tell them her exam results. She says that yes, and that she passed – Chigusa tosses her the photos and says that now they’re a congratulatory gift!  

Page 11: Ayane brought bags of chips as a bribe for the photos, but Chigusa turns her down, saying they’re a gift for passing her exam. Ayane starts to insist that she accept the chips, panicking because it seems like Chigusa knows why she wanted the photos (haha!). Ayane shoves a chip in her mouth, saying that it’s “hush money” – Chigusa assures her that her lips are sealed as she leaves with the chips. Ayane seems shocked, but thanks her and runs into the bathroom. 

Page 12: Looking at the photos, Ayane thinks about how happy she and Pin look, mentally thanking Chigusa for capturing the moment. 

Page 13: She thinks about how they’re smiling and laughing in the picture. Suddenly she tears up, thinking, “…oh no…the pictures…they’ll get wet…what is this…?” She asks herself how many more times she and Pin will be able to meet.

Page 14: “Three times? And after I tell him that I passed, two times?” In her memories, she says, “Ugh, it’s Pin! Don’t walk so close to me!” He yells, “I’m not!!” She remembers him calling her “Idiot! Idiot!” with a huge grin on his face. “Which one of us is the idiot?” she asks.

Page 15: She thinks that soon she won’t even be able to look at his face. 

Page 16: She walks up the steps to the office.

Page 17: She thinks, “…it’s no good. I’ll start crying…”

Page 18: “(My feelings) will come through. This time he’ll definitely notice.”

Page 19: Pin suddenly hears a noise from outside the door (Ayane running back down the stairs). He listens for a moment, but then slams the door open and yells, “Is someone there? HEY!!”

Page 20: Receiving no answer, he angrily slams the door. He waits around for two hours, grumbling and bored. A female student asks permission to enter. 

Page 21: “Sensei, I passed at my first choice!!” Pin excitedly tells her he knew she could do it! He congratulates her and reminds her to come on the 31st (of March?). Before she can leave, he asks her if she’s seen Ayane. The female student says that she hasn’t, and that Ayane wasn’t in the classroom either.

Page 22: Pin thinks that today should be the day they learn their exam results. “That means she…disappeared / ran…?“ Looking at the clock, he thinks, “Well…I’ll wait a little longer…”

Page 23: Kento runs into Ayane at the train station and asks what she’s doing there. He tells her about the chocolate he’s received and she laughs a little, saying that he’s so nice. He reminisces that last year he only received them from his girlfriend.

Page 24: He shouts that it was fun, and Ayane agrees while thinking that she did really horrible things to him, but he gave her lots of happy memories. Suddenly Kento remembers the exam and asks how she did.

Page 25: Ayane says, “Yeah. I passed!” Kento happily shouts, “You did it!! You did it, Ayane-chan! Congratulations!!” Ayane smiles and thanks him.

Page 26: Kento notices the pictures and Ayane says that Chigusa brought her some from the New Year’s shrine visit. Kento tells her that actually, he was also there – Ayane didn’t know, and asks why he didn’t call out to her. He says it was okay.

Page 27: He says, “I saw you making a face I’d never seen before.” 

Page 28: Ayane thinks, “A face…he’d never seen before?” Kento asks if she remembers what he told her when they broke up.

Page 29: She remembers that he told her to make sure that she likes the next guy a lot. “That’s great, Ayane-chan,” he says, smiling at her. Ayane tells him that he’s too good, and he agrees with a laugh.

Page 30: Ayane says, “It’s thanks to you, Kento!!” She thinks, “That I was able to love someone. I used to think I was incapable of falling in love. That I couldn’t love someone. But…I did…” Kento asks if she gave any chocolate, and Ayane answers that she couldn’t give any – she didn’t even announce her exam results. Kento says, “That’s not good! He’s waiting!!”

Page 31: Kento tells her that she has to go quickly, and she agrees.

Page 32: “…hmm…” Pin says, staring at the clock. Ayane thinks, “Is it okay to let [my feelings] come out?”

Page 33: “In the end, I’m scared. Of being rejected, of seeing the results. Just like when I took the exam, I’m scared!” Ayane calls Chizu and asks her to please say some powerful words (to encourage her).

Page 34: Chizu doesn’t get it so starts yelling, “Idiot! Idiot! Stupid kid!” Ayane tells her she’s cursing and then laughs, telling her to stop. She says, “You’re right! After all, I am an idiot! I am a stupid kid! Thank you! I’m okay now!!” Chizu says, “Huh? Wait a sec – why? Were you feeling lonely because you’re going to Tokyo by yourself?!” Ayane smiles and says, “…no. I’ll do my best…”

Page 35: Ayane then calls Sawako, who congratulates her for passing. Ayane thanks her and apologizes for interrupting her studying – she asks Sawako to tell her to do her best. Sawako says, “…do your best!”

Page 36: “Ayane-chan, do your best! Do your best! Do your best…!” Ayane thanks her, saying she’s so glad she met them all. She thinks, “Even though Kazehaya could have liked someone, Sawako ran to him…”

Page 37: “…Chizu, who understood she couldn’t have a mutual love [with Toru].” [Kento facing her and having their breakup conversation…]

Page 38: [I *think* she’s saying that all around her everyone did these things without seeking or hoping for a certain result] She returns to the store she ran from earlier and buys Valentine’s chocolate for Pin. "But…it was my longing. To become familiar with it…like everyone else.” She enters the school and asks another teacher where Pin is. He says that he already went home.

Page 39: The teacher says that he stayed pretty late, but Ayane races out before he can finish speaking. As she approaches Pin’s apartment, she thinks, “After all, I’m a stupid kid. But [you / he] [know / knows] that, right?”

Page 40: “Didn’t he say, ‘It’s okay to be a stupid kid’? [Here, I think Ayane is referencing the end of her conversation with Pin in Chapter 87] Surely whatever he says, whatever the outcome is, I’ll be able to come to terms with all of it, right?”

Page 41: Ayane rings the doorbell.

Page 42: O/////////////////O

Page 43: If this is going to be my first rejection, I’m glad that it’s Pin. 

I’m not always sure who she’s talking about in the section leading up to Pin’s door; she might be speaking directly to Pin in her mind, or she might just be thinking about him. If anyone has anything to add / clarify, feel free! This was an amazing chapter!! :D

Budo and Yandere chan from the game Yandere Simulator!  

When Yandere chan’s seduction level reaches the highest, everytime she talks to a male student they would have hearts all over their head; and I especially like how that still happens even tho Yandere chan talks to Budo regarding joining the martial arts club and such XD.

According to his profile, Budo’s crush is “?????” So it indicates he have a crush but we don’t know who is it, there’s still hope! XD

Kimi ni Todoke - Chapter 107 Translation

Translation by tsubakibakibaki on Otakumole. I’m posting this on here for those who can’t access the site. If you would prefer to read on Google drive, I've posted the file here

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