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south of the border, west of the sun.

*finding #murakami . slight headache today. must be the sudden change of temp. should grab some cold ones. will definitely go back to Japan backpack mode. subtle lights.


*photo taken in Khardung La in the Indian Himalaya is the highest motorable road at 5,682 masl  as per Guiness World Records. this photo was taken on our way back to Leh from Nubra Valley. we were inside the airconditioned car for over an hour before we got in Khardung La. it was winter- beloew zero. when the car came to a halt, i got excited with the scenery, i abruptly jumped out of the car i totally forgot about the high altitude. i instantly felt a piercing headache. altitude sickness. it lasted for a few days.


*on this izzy bizu mode lately. awesome sounds. trying to be as productive as possible. before the next trip in two weeks. ramen! folio should be up next week. excited for the coming weeks. oh life!


*it’s good to have escape spots in your city. when you want to hide, not because you are hiding from someone in particular, but when you just want a breather from the city, people. a spot where you can detach yourself from your reality for brief moment. breather. 



*timing. though it is really good to charge on, hustle and be aggressive i think it is equally important to slow down at times. re-calibrate. check our focus. our path. do we still have the same goals? because those things change. and that’s not a bad thing. and while we are on the slow down, think and strategize. but, always, be weird.

**last nov in KL while waiting for my indian visa. just finished sri lankan assignment.