ayan villafuerte

mamboleta no.5 

*gotta love the feeling of being in a foreign place. getting lost. being in awe. noticing everything. colors. hues. lines. faces.

**late afternoon winter light in Santiago de Chile. in one of the artsy neighborhoods.


*mix bag of good and bad news. midweek i got wasted and had a mean hangover. tennis this morning. dinner with friends tonight. customs and omb sh*t have yet to be resolved. missed an out-of-town road trip to give way for resolving this customs sh*t. i got an update few hours back and, still, there’s no clear straight answer on when will i receive the package coming from office. motherfukcers.


*these last years, 3, have been awesome beyond my wildest dreams. 
there will be changes. i don’t know yet but there will be a few and big ones i’m sure. and it will be for the best.


*i arrived one day earlier on my assignment. error on my part. i thought it was Nov 21. turned out assignment starts on Nov 22. oh, well. we hit the nearby beach instead.


*on this izzy bizu mode lately. awesome sounds. trying to be as productive as possible. before the next trip in two weeks. ramen! folio should be up next week. excited for the coming weeks. oh life!