ayan villafuerte

*my crew in the Sachkhand Express🤣 i love taking train rides in India.one minute it’s quiet and blank, next minute it’s chaos.most of the time it’s chaos.but there’s something charming in chaos in India, especially in the trains.romance in rumble 🚂❣️
**i woke up with pains in my right ankle. i hurt it in the game last night. poor footwork. i might need to have it scanned/xray later today.


this is the year i slacked off. and it’s alright. i’d been hustling since i decided to dive head on to this whole photography thing. year was 2012. 2014 when i got my break. 2015 i started doing international gigs for Tripad. it was the wildest ride. milestone after milestone. that could might as well be one lifetime cramped into few years. i will write more about this in the coming days.

this year i lived in my small bubble. quietly. at peace. i continued work with Trip. i got a feature from an italian photo magazine mid this year. a few trips here and there for work. several for pleasure. 

south of the border, west of the sun.

*finding #murakami . slight headache today. must be the sudden change of temp. should grab some cold ones. will definitely go back to Japan backpack mode. subtle lights.


in a cup

* oh india! it’s been good four days here in Amritsar. first stop on this trip. it is a rollercoaster ride everyday. a beautiful disaster. you get delighted one minute- by a child’s smiling face, or a hot tasty tandoori- and get pissed off right after- by a loud incessant honk. 


*photo taken in Khardung La in the Indian Himalaya is the highest motorable road at 5,682 masl  as per Guiness World Records. this photo was taken on our way back to Leh from Nubra Valley. we were inside the airconditioned car for over an hour before we got in Khardung La. it was winter- beloew zero. when the car came to a halt, i got excited with the scenery, i abruptly jumped out of the car i totally forgot about the high altitude. i instantly felt a piercing headache. altitude sickness. it lasted for a few days.


*starting it right. busy productive day ahead =)
**will finish sorting out files from the NZ shoots. will ship out the hard drive today. final touches. then on to other stuff


*time to face the elephant in the room.
**few weeks had been hectic and tiring. it went well though. all done with hotel shoots for now. i am flying to SG tonight. then, india next day. will meet with gerald tomorrow in SG to go around the city. and shoot the urban jungle. exciting days, weeks, months ahead!