ayan hirsi

I’m seeing people circulating a photoset of a woman talking about the patriarchy in brown culture from the docu-film Honor Diaries.

As honourable as the intents of the original poster of this photoset was, Honor Diaries as a film should not be supported. The producers of the film are Zionist anti-Palestine “activists” and one of them even lives on illegal settlements in Hebron. 

On top of that, the film has many Islamophobic undetones, and at one point even says that the term “Islamophobia” was created to prevent any criticism of patriarchy in Islam- a sheer falsehood. Not surprising though, considering that one of the people who had a hand in the film was Ayan Hirsi Ali, who is extremely anti-Islam.

It’s sad that these people have taken such a sensitive issue and exploited it to make Muslims- and in some parts of the movie, Sikhs- look bad. 

I hope someone who themselves is brown will produce a documentary by brown people for brown people on the topic of “honour,” because it is a topic that requires justice, healing, and understanding from WITHIN the South Asian community, and without external influence.