ayam perverse


i like that now it isn’t just Ayame running the shop. everyone gets to run a shift in selling goods. unless you know you got only one specific girl in mind to be your shop keeper girl

far as the Hanzo story goes in mission 1 Ayame is adjusting to the fact she’s fighting along side her seniors as Yagyu mentions that Ayame is being considered as a new student to fill in one of 2 slots for when Katsuragi and Ikaruga graduate. although Katsuragi sees this as chance to prepare the next pervert of the group to take her spot even thought Ayame’s perversity mainly revolves around Katsuragi only. well at least in a way this game drew a clearer picture as to how Katsuragi interacts with her since from the small bit of info on her profile for new wave and the way Estival Versus showed small glimpses in the intro sequence main menu thing it always sounded and looked like Katsuragi would go the extra mile to avoid Ayame primarily due to Katsuragi herself having a pesonal dislike of being groped and harrasssed yet has no qualms about doing it to others. yes that’s a thing look it up or watch the special from the season 1 anime where Katsuragi and Ikaruga are talking while bathing together as they discuss what kind of song should Ikaruga sing or rather rap about in some contest he was to take place in till he got sick.