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xmaster1 is notorious for trying to guilt or pressure artists out of free stuff. Block him and run.

heh why have I not heard of this guy before… He’s just told me he’d rather have a PS4 than a doll and I’m like… Well great for you. Why are you telling me. I’d rather have a piece of art than a PS4. /shrugs

I am entirely unbothered if he thinks my work is overpriced because I know it isn’t. The fact that he’s a notorious pillock just makes it funnier.

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I like how the labels on these comments are, respectively, “Hobbyist Artist” and “Professional Artisan Crafter”.

hehe i like this comment


My Etsy shop has several readymade items available at the moment. The dolls in particular are on sale. My partner and I are moving house in a couple weeks, so it’d be great to get some of these out of here!

Unfortunately because of all the work that goes into moving, I haven’t been able to work on the knit dragon pattern at all. I’m going to be picking it back up again tonight. Next month there will be more dragons, hopefully the knit dragon pattern, and maybe even another little crochet pattern on top of that. It’s a creepy little thing, and I’m really enjoying it so far.

Things might be getting a touch excessive here in the Dragon Factory, as I like to call my workspace when a dragon is being made in it. Right now, I am working exclusively on dragons. For one thing, I am still trying to get the knit dragon pattern finished this month, despite a semi-unexpected trip I will be taking at the end of it (I have limbs and wings left to design). For another, we are moving in a few months, and rather than stress my brain with new designs, I would like to motor through a fair chunk of my stash by dragoning before we go.

All of the crocheted dragons here have already been sold. There is yarn enough in that pile for maybe twenty-two more dragons, both knit and crocheted. I wonder how many I’ll be able to churn out before I have to give in and pack away the rest? I only have about two and a half months, if things keep on as planned. We’ll be moving to a bigger place, which has me excited – the Dragon Factory, and my Etsy inventory, will no longer be located in the living room floor underneath my dress form.