Some strong ones, or beast youkai, can deliberately show themselves. But weak ones like me can only be seen during sunshowers, or on certain beautiful spring days, when the weather is mischievous. Perhaps for me, that rainy day was the one time it would happen. Every time it rained after that, I went to that bus stop. I thought that if I played in the rain, he might see me again. #Mischievous rain


I always wanted to draw Natsume. He’s so pretty •u• Did this one earlier today on the galaxy note 4 again! It’s so fun~ I can draw anywhere (as long as the battery is alive) Further playing around with app using multiple layer modes.

The first image is the original i drew on ArtRage. I wanted to make it my dp for my KakaoTalk and I thought the ‘warm’ filter in there made the image more… “natsume” like hahaha. That’s why I edited in a second image which has the filter applied >u>