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analogy for those who skip nine

think of doctor who as a cake

think of classic!who consisting of ingredinents, baking supplies, and the oven.

Without classic!who you won’t have the new!who

in this sense, you can’t bake a cake without those things

think of ninth doctor as the cake

its plain and forms the base of the first season

just like eating a cake to find out what flavour it is, watching the first season will fill you in about the show.

think of ten as the icing, frosting and the decorations

he’s there to keep it good-looking and appealing

if those who skip nine and went to tenth doctor, you will enjoy it but not to it full capacity. Similar to eating frosting, tasty on its own, but it will taste much better with the cake.

now, think of eleventh doctor  as the box where the cake is put in.

eleventh there to make it so anyone goes to buy the cake, to attract many people. The current season is there to attract new fan who aren’t familiar to previous doctors.

so for those who skip nine and ten, will get to enjoy the box

moral of the story don’t skip nine or unless you want to eat tons of sugar or worse cardboard.

dumb idea

you know how penguin propose to their mate by giving them a pebble

and seeing how nagisa is symbolically a penguin…like I was thinking he does the same thing to rei in half joking way, but rei doesn’t get the reference until a days later he gets all flustered and admits to nagisa that he’ll accept the rock.

nagisa smiles and hugs him.

i told my little bro to watch yu yu hakushou

and at first he thought it was a good idea to watch it

and then he read the synopsis and insult it and says the anime looks old and weird

afterwards I cursed him and he later found cockroaches on his bed

did i mention he hates them and is terrifed of them

I told him to take back what he said and he did 

later they disappeared 

moral of the story 

don’t diss classic anime

i’m really glad i watch the extended version of psycho pass even though I watch the 26 episode version one before, I’m glad the remake took the time to show flashbacks to most all the cast and more monologues to showcase everyone’s  character development. Don’t get me started with Makishima even though I hate him I can’t help that he on point about his philosophies and ideas about society i’m super mad fuck i really started to like him now overall everyone should watch this amazing show plus season two in next month get hype

not bad for a first episode. i like the concept shounen hollywood has but it take me awhile to get use to the animation and  character designs. I was expecting them to more moe/bishonen but we’ll see. I already have a few favs at the moments (Looking at shun and kakeru). 

hopefully the idol boys characters will flesh out make me stay for the show if not its oh well