Baraou no Souretsu Ch 38 cover ft. House of York’s siblings

I’m afraid we’ll have to see their bond as siblings tears apart… As much as I hate King Edward.. I don’t deny the fact that he’s actually a good brother. He don’t want to hurt George despite the bad things he did but on the other hand, Richard believes George must be killed if he’s a hindrance to Edward. :’((((

richard: *condemned by his mother because of his body and gender*

richard: *repeatedly sexually assaulted by men*

richard: *loses his father, the only one who truly accepted him*

richard: *falls in love with the enemy*

richard: *kills the person he loves after flashbacks of trauma*

richard: *is now raising his almost lover’s grandson as his own*

me: please…….. i just want him to be happy

rotrk manga:

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Richard has a child ?? I tought his parents were Anne and Edward :0

technically, you are correct (i mean the kid is the spitting image of edward and anne). but looking at the manga you can see the child calling richard “父親”. i claim in no way to be an expert at chinese, but this translates out to be “father” from what google tells me

you see the child, again, calling richard “父親”. and it’s pretty obvious that this child adores richard, so it makes sense that they think richard is their father

so in all, richard has either officially adopted this child as his own (seems unlikely considering that the child has lancaster blood and that could pose some BIG problems later on) or they are claiming the child is biologically both of theirs to keep richard’s secret hidden and also to protect the child.

but idk that’s just my thoughts!


“【7月刊「薔薇王の葬列」8巻情報!】東京・秋葉原の書泉ブックタワーさんで菅野文先生のペーパー配布&複製原画&色紙展示中です! 素敵な特設コーナーを作ってくだってます♡ 美麗なリチャード! あと少しですがぜひ足を運んでご覧ください”
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Meta rant on “Baraou no Souretsu”

Been awhile since I’ve read Josei manga, but my god I absolutely LOVED this. And I feel like rambling, so here have a meta rant.

Baraou no Souretsu, or in English, “Requiem of the Rose King” is a dark shoujo re-telling of Shakespeare’s play “Richard III” with gorgeous art, lovable characters, tons of great angst but most importantly, a very intriguing and different main protagonist.

BEWARE: SPOILERS AHEAD (and i mean spoilers beyond the translated english chapters that are already out)

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