aya's commissions


These are for the people who’ve requested: @i-swear-i-am-sane, @fortunestar , @noriakicuckyoin, and anon. That’s all for requests, thank you for requesting and waiting! (✿◠‿◠) 

Commissions are open, (because I need money.) check it out here at —>> COMMISSIONS 


Enter Samus Ayan -

Aya Foxheart as Samus Aran!  Commissions by @sammiegscribbles

Samus Aran has long been my favorite video game character, and more than a few times people have compared Aya to her.  When I commissioned Sammie I had a few possible ideas for something silly like this with different game characters I thought Aya would be fun to see in their costume - she liked Samus the most and I am so happy she did!

I love the way these turned out! Thank you so much :-D

Commission for @aurorasanford1

She asked for a pic about Kallus and Tora with her character Aya, who is Kallus’ adopted daughter in her stories. I must admit I pushed this picture a bit further than a usual commission and put more time and work into it and even made a screencap looking version too out of it eheh. I really hope it looks like how she imagined it and she likes it.  


Hello everyone! So here’s my commission info for those who are interested :)

Since these works are to be presented to not only my clients, but also my adviser, there will be some things that you should be aware of:

- No NSFW drawings.
- No furries (I am not used to drawing furries, so please keep things more humanoid or object headed)
- No real people (Crowley is merely used as an example here)
- Each client will be given a form to fill out. My works won’t count as points for my internship if the form is not filled out and signed by the client. This is very important! So if you feel that it’s a hassle to fill out the form, please do not commission me. As for why this is necessary, please refer to this post.
- OCs are always welcome!
- Payment is in USD and through paypal!

There are only 12 slots open for this month. If you’re interested, please send me a message here :) If not, I would really really REALLY appreciate it if you spread this around! Thank you for your time!


Chenkari Commissions!

It’s summer time and I need $2000 for school!! I have a job this year, but that’s still a lot. A new addition, ~Watercolor Commissions~!! 

(Sketch Commissions are also still available, they’re still $5)

Things I won’t draw :

NSFW, Animals, Muscular people, Mechs, or Furry Things. I’m just not very good at drawing those sort of things, and I don’t want to give you a bad drawing! I don’t do backgrounds either because I’m not very good at them. I can give you flat colors with simple designs or transparent backgrounds. This doesn’t apply to the sketch commissions because they are typically semi transparent as well as watercolor, because they are traditional and scanned. Please let me know if you want something a certain way!

Things I’m Best At Drawing : 

Feminine characters with fluffy dresses, magical girls, monster girls, especially touhou characters. Those are what I draw the most often, so I have more experience making those sorts of things. 

Check out more of my art here!

Payment :

I use paypal for my commissions! And I will not draw until I am paid due to previous events. Please contact me through my askbox or fanmail for my paypal address.

If you can’t buy something, I would appreciate if you spread the word!