aya's angry

Evfra De Tershaav (not so salty?)

(Spoilers for some plot points)

Ok. So since a friend and I are wanting to write some Evfra fluff/ smutt, I decided I needed to go back to the game proper and get a feel on his personality.

He isn’t what I thought he was going to be.

Going into planning for this fic, I expected Evfra to be super salty just… all the time. He was made of salt in my head. And this was probably because I hadn’t actually paid that much attention to him past his introduction the first time you meet him.

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Twitter is a Funny Place

I decided to go on Twitter to see some Cast Pics and all I see is a Lu*aya Shippers angry at the fact that Rucas may or may not be a thing.

Okay I get why some may be upset, I really do but I mean you kinda should’ve seen it coming. They’ve liked each other since season one…They have both admited that that they liked liked each other so it isn’t as if this is something the writers pulled out of their ass.  Yes Lucas admitted he lked Maya as well and I get how that may be kinda wrong to include if they won’t act on it but it’s only season 3. I refuse to guve up on Riarkle so why are you letting this stop you from shipping Lu*aya.

I feel bad for Rucas Shippers right now because even when I search up Rucas on Twitter all I see is lu*aya fans angry about/at Rucas, The Writers, and claiming that Maya was done wrong. And I call BS because it is canon. We fu*king heard it from Maya’s own mouth that she likes Josh. And she has liked him since season one so if he makes her happy whats the problem, the fact that you’re using your ship to screw that up and then want to turn around and say it’s because you want her happy is confusing to me, while I believe Joshaya should be a thing when she is older Maya is 15 I think and Josh I believe is 18. Their relationship may not be right but it isn’t illegal (Atleast I Don’t Think It Is). Now if they were to take their relationship further (I’m Sorry But If I Am Going To Be Straight Up I Have To Do It Right) then it would be illegal. No this isn’t me saying I approve.

Finally, My biggest problem is the fact that people are freaking out over rumors. Word of Mouth. We haven’t seen a preview, a clip or anything and you’re already losing your sh*t. To be fair if roles were reversed I feel outcomes would be the same…But the fact that Rucas Shippers can’t enjoy their ship in peace because people are sh*ting on it so much right now pisses me off. 

And so you won’t think I am making this stuff up…

And what is so messed up is that some of these people will turn around and say that Rucas Shippers were being the mean ones. I have seen people celebrating but nothing too drastic. Honestly, if you’re going to act like this you don’t need to be watching the show anyway.