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Hello, I have a quick Q- do you have any OCs from Haikyuu?? I'd love to draw them if you do. If not, who is your favorite character(s) and I'll draw them. I just really want to draw you something because you're amazing and always draw my favorite team (Dateko) --S

Anonymous said: have you ever thought of making a Haikyuu OC? or have you already? please show!!!!!!!! i can tell they are gonna be the shiniest sunshine ever

aaahh!! yes, meet my children!! don’t worry about drawing them though, they’re happy to just chill here (and keep bullying Iwasa with affection, poor guy). I appreciate the sentiment regardless! ♡ thank you so much for asking!! and thank you second anon for having faith in their sunshine(?) hahaha 

⌒▽⌒)ゞI hope you both have beautiful days!

10 more Touhou canon things that you may or may not know

Since the original post recently got a burst of reblogs, I thought I’d make another one. Here goes!

10.  Remilia and Clownpiece both speaks English.

9. Most of Gensokyo’s youkai rabbits were originally pets that were abandoned.

8. Kappa eat (as in legend) shirikodama, which are balls extracted from the anus containing one’s soul. The gensokyo kappa have made machines to extract them and Nitori even uses them as danmaku. Aya and Hatate both says they smell really bad.  

7. Marisa takes pride in being the second best youkai exterminator

6. Flandre isn’t very good at holding a conversation

5. Shiki Eiki was originally a ksitigarbha statue, before recieving enough faith to be promoted to Yamahood.

4.  Suwako laughs like a frog.

3. Sumireko occasionally hangs out with Mamizou in the outside world.

2. For youkai, the Orion constellation is just Suika.

1. Kasen once killed a baby/would-be dragon and fed it’s liver to her older dragon.


Lost Small World Stage Play

Learning (Chato Santana)

“Okay, how are you Mexican but not know how to speak Spanish?” Digger asked. “First, not all Hispanics are Mexican and second of all-” You then decked him, sending him to the floor, causing Harley to chuckle. “You don’t know Spanish?” Chato asked. “No.” You stated as you watched Digger stumbled to stand up. “I can, uh, I can help you.” Chato offered. “What?” You asked, looking away from Digger, who just hid behind Harley. “I can teach you.” He restated his previous commented. “If you want to.” He quickly added.


“No. Just, repeat after me. Peen-”










“Now, say it all together.” He told you. “Pinche pendejo.” You said and he smiled. “Did I say it right?” You asked. “Yeah.” He nodded and you laughed. “Holy shit! I’m so proud of myself.” You cheered, causing Chato to chuckle. “What’d you learn? How to say gato?” Digger teased. “Pinche pendejo.” You told him. “No idea what that means.” He shrugged. “Fucking asshole,” Chato informed him. “Something about being insulted in a different language makes it hurt more,” Digger stated and you smiled.

“That’s what you get for being a little piece of shit.” You told him. “Un pedazo de mierda,” Chato whispered into your ear. “I can’t say that. It took me three hours to say pinche pendejo.” You told him. “Aye, don’t worry. You’ll get it, maybe later I can teach you how to say something that isn’t a maldición.” He smiled. “A…curse word?” You guessed and he nodded. “I think I’m getting pretty good at this.” You said.

“Good at being a cu-”

“I will cut you.” You interrupted Digger before he could even finish his sentence. “And I’ll turn you into Jones’ next lunch,” Chato told him, the sweet and caring look he had for you disappeared and showed Digger his more rough and darker side. “Jesus. I was gonna say ‘good at being a cute person’.” He quickly lied and you threw him a shady look. I will cut you. You mouthed while you slowly slid your index finger across your neck.

A collaboration project with line art by the unbelievably awesome @otomegaminghell​ colored by me. Draw the ot3 Prompt with Shin’s frown lines ever deepening due to his uncool childhood friends making out in front of him.
He deals by downing copious bottles of melon soda and kink-shaming them probably.

Anorther reason I love Diamond World is because post-good end these three dorks stay together and it could be a sitcom in the making if Shin moved in. In an AU, that is. 

I love these three ahaha~

A Letter.
From: The Overwhelmed Moon 
To: The Generous Rabbit:

Hey Rabbit,

Did you know I cry a lot?

Hey Rabbit,

I’m  two hundred thousand three hundred and nine hundred miles away. / I’m three days away. / I’m a sky away. / Just a glowing satellite, printed glow on eyes, you have to blink away the burn twice when you look away / A concept of late night light when you catch time to stare, / Except too real, too living.

Hey Rabbit,

I think it’s good to shine nice / Because my sternum is always burning with acid and it’s never a good trip.

Hey Rabbit,

I just want-
I just want-

Hey Rabbit,

Well, / Maybe if I glow a bit I can light your way a bit / And you won’t have to light matches, won’t have to feel the matchstick fire crawl down toward your fingers

Hey Rabbit,

I’m a sympathetic crier, / It means I cry a lot.
When I saw The Sun with his scabbed hands dripping tears on my back porch with pleading blackened hands / - I’m really too empathetic, that memory is a childhood one but I’m still locking myself away into the night, still trying to keep that screen door closed - / And when I saw The Sun with his melting face, his bright eyes / I stared out through the window of space between clouds, glad he couldn’t yet feel the pain of his own fire / Because I knew I would send my oceans / It always hurts, a little, when I let them grow, sitting water in my chest that falls and falls, running out.

Hey Rabbit,

I’m raw-
I get it from My Father, Lord knows not from my mother, or maybe permanent skin exposure to the stars that never stop getting brighter when they age / They shine like me / And not like me / It’s a different reason, / Don’t listen in, but you can hear it in the constant chatter of meaningless words: made up fact after true fact after I-forgot-to-stop-rambling fact / It’s easy while we all sit up here, to let them pretend my glow is theirs, that we’re all just floating in the night sky waiting on the same time to disappear / That we’re lighting the same upturned faces.

Hey Rabbit,

Right now you’re asleep so I think I can let myself whisper, mingling with the endless star chatter, like always, except this time it’s safety not suppression, / I promise I am not your fault, this is just how the moon travels, along a set path of a still changing sky.

Hey Rabbit, 

I’ll watch the Earth and I’ll watch you. / And you’ll watch the sky and you’ll watch me. / But I’m not even on the same planet there is no need for complication / So yes, it’s true sometimes this face in the moon scrunches up her nose and sniffles / That the bones along her cheeks suddenly fill with the pressure of the atmosphere / And while I was made to look like a peaceful clear breeze / I’m breathing into an empty chest cavity to an empty stomach,  / My eyes fill up, I have to turn my face, grow dark / So you don’t watch the sky, don’t watch me.

Hey Rabbit, 

I know you saw me burn myself last twilight. / I got a bit overwhelmed, I heat up and my palms sweat and my toes curl and I’m still trying to reflect, give a little light, still trying to make the sky proud as it holds me

Hey Rabbit,

Please don’t burn your fingers on the matches. / I’ll cry too. / And I don’t mind holding your wounded paw between my teeth, the skin of your hands are the softest I think I’ve ever felt, I trace the dip of skin with my eyes every time but,
/ I’ll make the sky fall and my tears will flood oceans, no one ever wants to see me make my waves rush inland, just to soothe the blisters of your fingers.

Hey Rabbit,

I really don’t need the light, it just makes me feel better, I promise. / I just like the little vertigo after staring until dots dance across my vision, the rush of falling through the air, / Rabbit don’t let yourself touch that flame, / I’ll cry.

Hey Rabbit,

When you offered I can’t explain the way my heart hurt / It was always pulling one way and the other, rocking itself into my bones / Well it’s always aching, it didn’t get worse.

Hey Rabbit, 

I think I’m healing. 

Dear Rabbit,

I think I could stare forever at the lines of your soul and memorize the cadence of your words flowing over campfires all your friends keep lighting and you keep jumping over. 

I thought I just needed to be a satellite and revolve forever, and shine forever. I still don’t get why you look that way when half the world is a shadow and why you sound that way when half the creatures are an unseen buzz.
I know you like love stories, even tragic ones that end in tears of terrible beauty stamped on myth. I think one day I could tell you all of mine, whispered into the places you rise and fall, soft lips on soft skin because that’s what it’s like with you: soft, soft, soft.

I can feel the smoothing of too early wrinkles at the sound of your name, the lines of my mouth softened. I can feel the melt of my heart like the affection of a mother who pauses to remind herself of the home she’s been building, soften. I can feel my palms open, reaching like a young-and-bitter-and-not-yet-lover searching for guidance and finding it in a warm hold promising futures, softening.

It’s taken me some time to come around, I’ve always been the slow type of soul but here I am.

Here I am.

- The Moon Finding Words For Love and Hate and Thank You | L.B © 2017

Based off of @avolitorial Chapbook Rabbit In The Moon & it’s inspiration Japanese legend Tsuki no Usagi