aya sawada

Aya Sawada - Eagle

¿Sabías que las águilas pueden vivir hasta 70 años? Pero a los 40 sus alas ya no vuelan, su pico se tuerce hacia su pecho y sus uñas están muy desgastadas así que tienen 2 opciones; o mueren, o se refugian en las alturas a esperar unos 150 días en los que rompen su pico, uñas y alas y esperan a que se regeneren para volver a volar, 30 años mas.

Did you know that eagles can live up to 70 years?But at 40 his wings don’t fly no more, its beak is twisted to his chest and its nails are too weak so they have 2 options, to die, or take refuge in the heights to wait about 150 days that its peak, nails and wings to break and wait for it to regenerate to fly again, 30 years more.

Aya Sawada

Aya Sawada

shinjiroaragaki  asked:

Agender homoromantic asexual Aya decides to publish a bunch of novels with a lot of queer characters and asexual protagonists. She's nervous because she thinks her fanbase will turn their backs on her but her fans really dig it! She's been writing more of them since then, always researching her facts and asking her queer friends about their personal experiences to make her writing more realistic.