aya drevis

Finally I finished this, I’m dead ;w; This is a new version of the Horror RPG Games drawing I did more than a year ago (You can find the original here: http://adricarra.deviantart.com/art/Horror-RPG-Games-362247015 ). I redid the original 8 games, and I also added 7 more. I could have added lots of games more, but yeah… the drawing would be way too big then xD I hope you like it! uvu/

Please, credit if using. Don’t reupload.


Ah these are last year’s RPG Horror illustration for an artbook, whih is I ever promote in my tumblr.
Since the book isn’t sale anymore, so I posted here. Hope you enjoy!!
And I dont want to draw in large canvas anymore since its pain in the ass and hand..

dont steal,reproduce, trace, repost without permission. thank you!