aya doodles


Okay. I realized that I never actually spoke or even thought properly about how I see Aya-Yukako-Koichi-Rohan love square (or whatever it is…). So there are some sketches to show the whole picture.
Rohan has unhealthy interest in Koichi. Not sure if it is love or more like performances of some spoiled child, who needs attention, but let him be. Unfortunately (?) for Rohan, Koichi is straight - yeah, I guess so - and dating Yukako. Aya is just catching lulz. And slightly seduces Yukako incidentally LOL. Which is OK with the girl who admires Aya enough (as example to follow) to be ready for some useful experience, if you know what I mean… I like imagining the situation where Aya crosses the line of fun and starts liking Yukako. But Koichi and Yukako ends up dating anyway HAHA.
As a conclusion we have one sweet couple and two broken hearts. BUT WE MAY NEVER REACH THE CONCLUSION IF WE DON’T WANT TO.


So…here ya go. New sketchdump 8D There are a few sketches (with Cab and one with Victoria) inspired by Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band part from Yellow Submarine (Paul’s clothes btw. Sorry but I love this movie so hard). Also I drew my OCs: Victoria, Cab, Angelica (blue haired girl, she’s Monica sister), Aya and Yao . Two sketches of Aurora because her music is awesome. There are also sketches of Poland (Polonia), White Eagle ( DON’T LOOK AT THIS UGLY BALL XDDDD) and Iceland  which I made during Euro 2016. Mixtura belongs to my friend @mikimonsterandmagic. This one of my fav characters from Miki. Also there are sketches of me, @ochisu and @mikimonsterandmagic. The rest are just random sketches. Hope you like it 8D

I used STAEDLER marker, promarkers and crayons.

Sorry for my english and quality. Click for better image quality. ;u;