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[Volks] SD Lorina by aya&ume


I’ve been productive today. I made a ruqun for Yue, and got her sueded, so then of course I had to get photos. She recently got her correct face-up too, so she’s now almost done. The eyes are wrong though; they make her look bored no matter how I move them, but they were the closest to brown I had in the correct size. She’ll get some proper ones when my Dollbakery order gets here.

It’s the first ruqun (or actually, first hanfu in general) that I’ve ever made, and this was essentially just to test the pattern (because doing try outs when handsewing is too bothersome), but I won’t have to make any changes >.< I’ve taken my liberties when it comes to fabric (Japanese, not Chinese) and some designs (ribbons are huuuge because I wanted them to be), but I think it works. At least now Yue has something pretty to wear. I’ll be making some more accurate ones when I can get my hands on some good Chinese silk; that cheap satin brocade they sell in shops here just won’t do.

Her hair isn’t the final one either; I would give her this wig, but it already belongs to Siobhan, and though the bangs are just as I want them for Yue, I want her hair a bit longer and pulled up into a high pony tail. For now though, she’ll keep this one, as Siobhan doesn’t have her correct face-up yet anyway, and I have a few others who’re a priority when it comes to wigs.

I have more pictures, but I’ll be saving them so as to not make too many big-ass photosets xD


I felt like I had been neglecting Ghia'ta so I had a photoshoot with her :D

she’s just so cuuuuuuute, so I just kinda went around the house looking for pretty stuff to put her in, the feathers did nice, I think.

For more pictures of Ghia'ta or my other GLTAS dolls just go to my blog and click on the “GLTAS Figures” link,

now give Ghia'ta some love <3<3<3<3<3