aya aya ya ya


Regulus smiled as he looked up at the Leo temple. He was happy to see that the Sanctuary had not changed that much from the 18th century so he could easily find the Leo temple. He wondered if Aiolia was in his temple right now. Regulus walked into the temple, looking around. The inside of the temple didn’t look that much different from his temple.

“Aiolia! Are you here?”

plot: permanent mark

flashback to first grade and MUSE A is this little girl who’s struggling to make friends because everyone thinks she’s just a bit too weird. ever since that time in show and tell when she brought in her cat named rainbow, and she demonstrated how well his name suited him by colouring in his white fur with highlighters, no one ever really became friends with the little girl. but, halfway though the year MUSE B is joining the class after his family moved to town. he seems to suffer the same problem MUSE A had in not being able to attain friends, only for different reasons. he’s completely serious, not very kid-like at all. instead of colouring books, he has a dictionary in his book-bag and he doesn’t want to play childish games, despite being six years old. MUSE A notices MUSE B being on his lonesome, so she decides to put on a spiderman mask and jump onto his back and tell him that her spidey-sense is tingling that he needs a friend. and ever since that moment, the pair had been completely inseperable, when they were fourteen and MUSE B was the weird kid who was like a walking thesauraus and MUSE A was the hyper girl who wore shoes that had wheels pop out of the bottom and no one else wanted to know them, they still had each other. despite being polar opposites, they found a bond in each other like no other and it seemed unbreakable until one day something happened to shatter that bond. Fast forward a few years later and MUSE B is being sent to a bakery that his fiancee has requested cater the desserts at their engagement party, but when he walks inside to see that MUSE A is standing behind the counter, it’s a reunion the both of them never saw coming.

I was struck by Shuuen feelings yesterday! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧ also It’s been a while since I actually liked one of my drawings xD. Anyway Next time I’ll probably draw E-ki or maybe A-no *-* 

on a side note, I hate boys hair! Ayas and kyomas are so gorgeous but so difficult to draw, everytime I draw them something changes.