Consider, if you would, the entire Tempest crew at the waterfall on Aya enjoying a swim during shore leave. They’re having a great time enjoying the water and interacting with the local angara.

While swimming Ryder calls out, “Marco!”

Without hesitation Liam immediately calls back, “Polo!” Soon most of the others are joining in and most of the crew is yelling “Polo” everytime Ryder says “Marco.”

Meanwhile Jaal and the rest of the angara watch im confusion. Some young angara ask what they are doing and the crew explains how to play Marco Polo.

Within half an hour nearly every angara, young and old, have joined in on the game and are having endless amounts of fun with it.

Later the crew also teaches the angara how to play chicken.

Bonus for Romanced Jaal: Jaal has no problem having Ryder’s thighs on the sides of his fringe.


Mass Effect Andromeda - Golden Worlds

Full set.

This was an idea I have been obsessed with ever since finishing the game; loving space age travel art as much as I do, I couldn’t help but wonder about the Initiative’s tourism advertising revving up once viability was green across the board and Meridian was secured. Almost all of the formerly busted Golden Worlds, now fully habitable and relatively safe - what would the visual explosion of their marketing look like? So I went ahead and gave it a shot.

Post-ending travel ads for the Golden Worlds of the Heleus Cluster, with a bonus appearance from Aya. I released these in 2 installments, but I decided I wanted to look at them all together. Super proud of these.

Prints available!

Evfra de Tershaav (Stress Management)

Ok. So everyone knows the, “Person so dedicated to their cause that they never relax and spend all their non sleeping time (if they ever sleep) to doing what they do,” trope. With how much time and effort Evfra has put into making the Resistance what it is you would think that he would be absolutely PERFECT for that trope.

But I see it differently, and here’s why.

If Evfra is anything he’s a tactician. Paaran herself even calls him a ‘brilliant tactician’. Coupled with his accomplishments with the Reisistance it’s clear that Evfra is a very intelligant man. Not only that, but being a tactician he is likely able to see five steps ahead and along many different paths.

With that kind of intelligance and foresight, it seems to me like Evfra would well know and be aware of the dangers of stress and being overworked.

Now Evfra is clearly dedicated to what he does. It’s my personal belief that he’s forsaken personal relationships BECAUSE of his dedication. Why? Because if someone he is friends with or if someone he loves dies, that could send him into all kinds of emotional turmoil because, as closed off as he is, he’s still an angara and clearly still feels very deeply and passonately about certain things. That emotional turmoil could then make it hard for him to think and deal with, not just regular every day things, but the intese pressure of leading the Resistance. He might end up making mistakes. He might miss important details that could get people killed or abducted.

So, in my opinion, clearly a man willing to forego close personal relationships so that he can fully dedicate himself to his work and make sure that he won’t be emotionally compromised by the death of a friend or lover.

If he’s the kind of man that can think forward like that, I belive he’s also the kind of man that can know that giving himself no personal time for appropriate rest and relaxation could be EXTREMELY detrimental to his overall mental health and therefore, his ability to lead.

I don’t think anyone would say that Evrfra works himself to death. I think he has a daily routine that includes at least a couple hours of ‘him’ time. I think he probably wakes up with enough time to get a decent meal, fully wake up, and do whatever morning things he needs or wants to do.

I think he probably takes possibly an hour for lunch so he can give his mind a rest and get a good, nutritious meal. It’s a headcannon of mine that he may even go back home for lunch instead of eating at the base or at the Tavetaan.

And at night, I think he gives himself a few hours to decompress from the events of his day. Eat dinner. Maybe exercise or watch TV. I still insist that he’s banging Paaran so maybe some of that too. Maybe even take a hot bath.

I think other forms of relaxation for him include the very location of his office. It’s in front of a massive window that overlooks, not the city and the people he’s protecting, but nature. And you pretty frequently walk in on him just staring out the window. I think he probably just stares out it every now and again when he needs a little breather and mental break.

I also think he’s the kind of guy to keep a physical training regimine. I mean look at the guy. He’s not just tall, he’s very clearly in very good physical shape. We’ve seen Jaal naked. Evfra is AT LEAST as fit as Jaal is, if not moreso. Plus Evfra can be seen in combat at the end of the main questline, so he clearly isn’t in the office all day every day. Along with that he appears to have his own shuttle, and it’s a personal belief of mine that he gets out in the field on occassion to keep himself sharp. Hell, I dunno if it’s even remotely cannon, but it’s certainly a headcannon of mine that Evfra actually went through and passed Heskaarl training years back.

He might even take an entire day for himself every here and again. I don’t know if he’s the kind to do so on a weekly basis, but if he starts to feel his stress levels climbing too high, he seems the kind of guy that would preemtively take a day to himself to relax and remove that stress from his body instead of letting it build and build into something terrible in the future.

So, all in all, I think Evfra is certainly the kind of guy that doesn’t spend all day, every day working. Not to say that he doesn’t work extra hours sometimes. I think he probably has some sleepless nights so he goes back to work instead of lying awake all night. Some days he might even be on a roll and either forget about taking a break or conciously decide to keep working. But I think he takes good care of himself both physically and mentally.

Now he just needs someone to help him emotionally.

— — — — — — — —
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Andromeda’s Golden Worlds - Series 2

This is something I’ve been wanting to do ever since the game was announced - space propaganda location posters for all of the habitable worlds. This is series 2 with Elaaden, Kadara, Habitat-7, and Aya. I know, I know; not a Golden World. But! I do what I want. 

Messed around with some shelesh in there, hopefully didn’t screw up the wording; also had to make up a location for Habitat-7 since nothing’s listed in-canon. Tried to keep it poignant.

I loved working on these so fricking much. Prints are available, for both Series 1 and 2.

See Series 1

Evfra De Tershaav (not so salty?)

(Spoilers for some plot points)

Ok. So since a friend and I are wanting to write some Evfra fluff/ smutt, I decided I needed to go back to the game proper and get a feel on his personality.

He isn’t what I thought he was going to be.

Going into planning for this fic, I expected Evfra to be super salty just… all the time. He was made of salt in my head. And this was probably because I hadn’t actually paid that much attention to him past his introduction the first time you meet him.

Keep reading