Speed Dating - The Morning After

Alright alright!! You guys were so excited about @outlanderedandoverhere‘s speed dating prompt that I wrote more! Now y’all got my brain going so I’ve got at least four different thoughts going for this story. I guess we’ll just have to see what happens! Catch up below!


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🖤 Another Love 🖤

Request: @recklesslonelyblond​ Hey lovely! Can I request some twisted imagine Chibs x Reader where she find out that Filip cheated on her with Fiona/Althea and also she just found out that she is pregnant and she haven’t told him yet? Thank you! 😄 I also wanted to say that I love your blog and your works are amazing 😙😙

Notes // Mentions // Warnings // Words: Chibs Telford x Reader // Fiona Larkin, Kerrianne Larkin-Telford, Jimmy O'Phelan, Ima Tite, Tig Trager, Juice Ortiz, Bobby Elvis, Jax Teller, Tara Knowles // Angst, Drama, Fluff // 3.742

Song suggestions: Just Give Me a Reason by Madilyn Bailey ft. Nate Ruess, Happier by Ed Sheeran, & The Blackest Day by Lana Del Rey

We need to talk, Filip.

You ok, lass?

More or less…

Nervously you waited for him, reading the same three messages over and over again. Your hands were as cold as ice and trembled relentlessly. Why did he done it? You desperately searched for answers, thousands of thoughts seemed to explode in your head.

How did it come to this?

You looked forward to meet Fiona and Kerrianne and already liked what your boyfriend Chibs told you about them. They visited the States to celebrate Kerrianne’s 22nd birthday. You got along well with Fiona and especially with Kerrianne the instant you and Chibs picked the two Irish women up from the airport. No surprise, you and Chibs’ daughter shared several interests and you two were almost of the same age.

Right from the start you knew it couldn’t always be easy with the not insignificant age difference, which separated you and Chibs. Nevertheless, a part of him always stayed the reckless Glaswegian boy and he mentioned once or twice that you’re an old soul, caged in a young body and only your eyes revealed this secret.

The two Europeans wanted to stay for a few days and you spent a lot of time with Chibs, his ex-wife and his daughter. He always made sure that you didn’t feel excluded, be it an affectionate kiss or pinching your bum unexpectedly, followed by him winking at you. He knew all the little tender endearments, that made you feel loved.

Would it be better if you didn’t knew?

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