[HQ] Nguoi Ay (That Guy)
  • [HQ] Nguoi Ay (That Guy)
  • EXO (Suho, Xiumin, Chen, Chanyeol)
  • Music Bank in Hanoi, Vietnam

From the Rehearsal of Music Bank 152803 in Hanoi, Vietnam. The original song is called “Người ấy” (That Guy) by Trinh Thang Binh, about a man who saw his ex’s new boyfriend with another girl. He missed his ex so much and expressed his feelings and he was so worried for her new relationship. He loved her and missed her a lot. This is a very popular love song in V-pop. 

In my opinion, Chanyeol is the best one in singing Vietnamese LOL (how amazing, i’m surprised). Dedicated this High quality version to BI, my love <3 

Download link [MF]


[Chen] Hôm qua anh thấy…
Ôi người ấy, đang trong tay với cô nào đấy?
Giật mình nhận ra không phải em,
Chẳng biết em bây giờ đang ở đâu?

[Suho] Bao lâu ta đã không gặp nhau?
Bao lâu chưa hỏi thăm vài câu?
Nào ngờ hôm nay anh thấy thế này.
Chẳng biết phải nên làm gì đây?

[Chanyeol] Chưa 1 lần anh hết thắc mắc, sao em lìa xa anh này?
Để tiếp tục con đường yêu bên cạnh người ấy.
[Xiumin] Chưa 1 lần anh ngưng suy nghĩ, anh đã làm sai điều gì?
Hay là còn điều gì anh chưa bằng người ấy?

[Chen] Người ấy có tốt với em, yêu em như anh đã từng yêu?
Người ấy có biết tính em hay trách móc, thích nuông chiều?
[Chanyeol + Suho] Anh nhớ em nhiều…Anh nhớ em nhiều…
Sao để lòng vơi bớt đi bao đêm đợi mong?

[Suho] Người ấy có lớn tiếng hay luôn khiến em đau buồn không?
Người ấy có biết quý em hay yêu thương em thật lòng?
[Xiumin] Anh nhớ em nhiều…Anh nhớ em nhiều…
Sao cho lòng vơi bớt đi nỗi buồn, nỗi đau trong lòng anh.

[Chen + Suho] Người ấy có tốt với em, yêu em như anh đã từng yêu?
Người ấy có biết tính em hay trách móc, thích nuông chiều? 

 Anh nhớ em nhiều…Anh nhớ em nhiều…
Sao để lòng vơi bớt đi bao đêm đợi mong?

[All]  Người ấy có tốt với em, yêu em như anh đã từng yêu?
Người ấy có biết tính em hay trách móc, thích nuông chiều?

[Chen] Anh nhớ em nhiều…Anh nhớ em nhiều…
Sao để lòng vơi bớt nỗi đau trong lòng anh?

Tokyo Ghoul: Root A Finale

Going into Root A as a person who has read the manga, I had plenty of speculations on it after hearing it was going to be a bit of a spin-off. Maybe Kaneki would actually die this time around and there would be no Tokyo Ghoul :re or maybe Hide would become a One-eyed Ghoul. All in all, after witnessing the horrors of the manga, I didn’t think that the ending of Root A would -or could- be much worse.

I was wrong. Dead wrong and I ended up blubbering like a baby, crying while singing Unravel in broken Japanese for the last four to five minutes of the episode. And I haven’t shed a tear in the last couple years.

As a manga reader, I can honestly say I can’t decide what was worse:

What Happened to Hide in the Manga vs What Happened to Hide in the Anime.

For a second there, I thought that maybe, what happened in the manga wouldn’t actually happen. That maybe… everything would be okay. But Ishida quickly slapped the idea out my head and gave me a strong reminder: This is Tokyo Ghoul, not Give ‘The Fans/Characters A Happy Ending Ghoul’.

But going back to Hide, I believe what made the moment of his passing such a huge deal was Hide himself.

If being the best Best Friend was an Oscar Award category,

 Hide would win each and every time.

As he revealed to Kaneki during their moment in the Anteiku, Hide knew the entire time that Kaneki was a Ghoul. From episode 2 and onward, every smile Hide gave to Kaneki, every joke, every act of kindness, was given to Kaneki despite Hide knowing how potentially dangerous being around our white-haired protagonist could actually be.

To further emphasize this point, let’s go back to Nishiki’s past with his sister. Nishiki’s initial lack of trust in anybody came to life all due to his sister’s implied boyfriend or love interest of some sort, ratting her out to the CCG immediately after discovering her true species.

What did Hide do?

Stick by Kaneki thick and thin even after our main character disappeared to join Aogiri.

Despite being the CCG’s gofer, he never even considered revealing Kaneki’s new found Ghoul-ness. He kept his mouth shut and only wanted one thing:

He wanted his best friend to come back.

And that is why Hide is a huge fan favourite. He serves as even more proof that Humans and Ghouls can co-exist with one another peacefully. 

There was also the brief moment with Ayato that struck out to me. No, he wasn’t seen, but the colour of the kagune residue made it all to obvious who it was that saved Touka from the burning building once known as Anteiku.

Even though it has been numerous in the amount of times Ayato has stated he despised his family, he followed Touka after discovering her presence near the battle and saved her life after it was endangered like he did when she was going to try and fight Yamori.

But the most iconic scene, or rather, most symbolic scene, of the entire episode was the ‘changing’ of Kaneki’s hair going from White to Black.

 Yes, in the end, his hair was still actually white, but it was the meaning of it that is important. It was as if they were saying, he’s restored a piece of the humanity he was losing. Or maybe, he’s going to slowly begin to revert back to his old self.

The biggest feels wrecker however, would have to be getting the answer to this:

When I first saw this promo piece for Root A, I thought that maybe it was Kaneki holding Rize or maybe it was supposed to be Kuroneki representing that who he used to be was dead.

But I very wrong.

It wasn’t Rize.

It wasn’t black-haired Kaneki.

It was Hide.

That revelation itself made the tears welling up in my eyes begin to flow over and out onto my pillow as somehow managed to strangle out the lyrics to Unravel.

Then it all ended with both Kaneki, holding his best friend in his arms, and Arima, holding his suitcase, having a silent standoff, the surviving CCG members surrounding them waiting for the calm before the storm to end.

Then hearing Arima’s briefcase click.

But, if there is at least one somewhat, extremely shaky silver lining to this entire thing… It is this:

Another season.

Another season that will bring pain and suffering, yes, but to us manga readers, this means the introduction to hearing the voices of characters we have already began to become attached to.

To see them actually take life on the screen.

To you anime only fans, this is the beginning of another journey and meeting a new cast in the world of Ghoul Investigators and the continuous Tragedy of Kaneki Ken.

One of the saddest parts of Tokyo Ghoul is that most of these kids are just that - kids. Kaneki was 19 years old when his fate was sealed, and worse than that, he had almost no adult figure in his life to look up to when he lost his mother far too young. Juuzou was a kid when he was forced to endure torture unimaginable. Touka and Ayato were TINY when their parents were ripped away from them. Nishiki was raised by his sister and even she was ripped from him. Akira lost her mother and her father. Hinami lost her mother and we father similarly. Amon was raised by a man e completely trusted and respected until he found out that man was pure evil. Seido was bright and young until his life became a tragedy. This entire series is children forced to grow up and face the world and bear a burden that no one should be dealt.

  • Let's tickle Reiji-san
  • Diabolik Lover's guys

The “tickletickle” was too short and it was too hard to predict the voices huhu *cries* Please don’t mind me XD, btw enjoy please and as usual I’m not the owner of the original audio.


Carla : All of you, do it.

Reiji : Ngh!? S-sto…!

Kou : Hehe, tickletickletickletickle…!

Ayato : tickletickletickletickle!

Reiji : W-wait! W-what are you…

Shuu : It’s your fault. It’d be okay if you’re giving it sooner, though.

Yuma : Tickletickletickle! How is it? How is it?

Shuu : tickle tickle tickle…

Reiji : St…!

Azusa : Tickle… tickle… tickle…

Reiji : Sto…! Wait…! It tickles!

Kanato : Tickletickletickletickle…

Raito : Tickletickletickletickle…

Subaru : Tickletickletickle.

Reiji : You can’t! Please stop it! I’m already…!

Subaru : Argh, shit! Just bear with it!

Kou : Tickletickletickle…!

Reiji : There…! Leave it, I cant…! Hahahahaha!

Ruki : Tickletickletickle….

Reiji : All of you! Doing this sort of thing! Hahaha

Kou : Hey, say it already! The “Give up”~!

Reiji : Ha… I understand! That’s why, stop! Please stop it!

Ayato : tickletickletickle!

Yuma : And what do you mean with that, huh?! 

And the tickle show continues ‘till Reiji says that he’ll give the money and Carla mocks him as a troublesome person and he gets pregnant*no*


The Monster in the Mountains

It’s been six months since forty-three students from the Ayotzinapa Normal School went missing in the town of Iguala, in Guerrero. In the Indigenous communities of La Montaña and the Costa Chica, where many of the students lived, the disappearances are only one example of the crime, corruption, and impunity that plague the region. As abel Herrara Hernandez, a human-rights activist, said, “Here in the mountains … you live with the demons.”

This short film, based on the work of the photographer Matt Black, shows how families of the missing are coping with the still unexplained loss of their loved ones, and how citizens are struggling to protect themselves, and to preserve hope.

Read more at the New Yorker