ay papi so much

Ayy papi~

Pairing: I am Wildcat x Basicallyidowrk = BasicallyidoWildcat

AU/Prompt: Papi Tyler’s not letting his little Marcel escape his grasp this time. Hopefully, he still has that pain medication since he’s going rough tonight.

Rating: It’s not NSFW. It’s just leading up to that implied NSFW. Which isn’t written, no worries. Or should I say sorry?? Idk anymore, tumblr has 13 year olds running around this site again. (I’m 14, almost 15, but fuck dude at least I act and am mature like a 17 or so year old. :/)


“Marcel? Where’s my coffee creamer?”

“Erm… I dunno. What flavor was that?”

Marcel took a cheeky sip of his coffee, mischief dancing in his eyes. “You finished all my caramel mocha creamer, didn’t you?”

A glare was sent his way as he gave an evil giggled in response. He nodded briefly and took another sip, letting a moan roll off his tongue sweetly.

“You mother fucker… First, my mint chocolate ice cream, now my caramel mocha creamer. Then what?!”

Marcel giggled, “Your shampoo.”

“That’s it, little mister!”

Marcel’s eyes widened and he hopped over the arm of the couch, his dinosaur pajama onesie’s tail bouncing behind him.

“L-Let me finish drinking my god damn coffee first!” Marcel shrieked, stealing a huge gulp of the coffee as he shut and locked the bedroom door behind him.

“You forget, Marcel… I have the key.”

Marcel screeched with joy as he sat on the bed, criss cross apple sauce, his cup of coffee sitting on the bedside table, “It’s all gone! There’s no more!!”

Tyler launched himself on the bed after struggling open the door, pinning Marcel’s arms down and pressing his lips firmly to his lips, “Stupid mother fucker.”

Marcel giggled, refusing to open his lips. Tyler groaned in annoyance, biting his bottom lip angrily. Marcel gasped, his eyes wide as he stared at Tyler’s obvious annoyed expression.

When Tyler pulled away, Marcel licked his lips nervously, tasting metallic and cringing slightly. Tyler smirked, gripping Marcel’s shoulders harshly.

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry.” Marcel nervously giggled, however, his playful words didn’t reach the annoyed expression of Tyler and disheartened him a bit.

Tyler frowned and leaned down, pressing his lips softly against Marcel’s again, “Stop angering me so much, M…”

“Aye, Papi. Won’t happen again.” Marcel sent him a little smile, moving his arms to intertwine behind Tyler’s neck.

He pulled Tyler down for another kiss, tilting his head and resting comfortably now. Tyler smiled and tilted his head too, deepening the kiss. When they broke apart, Tyler began placing gentle kisses along Marcel’s neck and jawline. “Hey, Ty?”

“Yeah, baby?”

“We should buy two of the caramel mocha creamer next time.”

“Oh, definitely.”


“Huh?” Tyler said, pulling away to smile at his lover.

“I actually did use up all of your shampoo.” Marcel’s sheepish, teasing grin sent Tyler on edge again.

“Now you’re just pushing the line of playing around a bit too far, baby…. I might get rough with you again.”