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WHAT’S UNDER THE RAG, MIMIKYU. I really want to know. I think that something like an Aye-Aye would work because:

a) on that fine line between adorable and horrific

b) long creepy fingers, good for ghostly snatching

c) solitary and nocturnal (weird for a primate)

d) spooky supernatural associations. Aye-Ayes are known in folklore as harbingers of death and evil, they mark people who see them for death 

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.


I just love it when my ships stare out at a glowy light together set against a landscape shot from behind… 👀 📝

Hey dude. How’s it hanging? Bodacious. So, how was your trip? Woah, sounds like you really had a smoking time. You know, I know that your life can be a bummer sometimes and you have to deal with major dweebs at work, so I’m glad you could get out and get a sweet Vacay. It’s nice to get away from all the bogusness sometimes. Thanks, I love you too. Well, Hombre, you ready to get this show on the road? Slammin’. Let’s crank up some major tunage. Yeah. Yaah. Ooah. Hoohoohaohah. Rouhauhah. Woowoah. Nygeyynmyayayyyahahah. Myet? Ruhu. Wadadadadaaa. Cowgmynaah. Nobluuhhbluuhbluuh… Creaoh. Houhhuhuhu. Gra. Yahaa. Nymgaahygah. Dushaa. Ololololoaiby? Gjishaas. Tskafaa. Yahehohow. No. Howre. Gigegiyahaah. Hey. Mnhyeeho. Dilleyahaa. Mmgah. Dulurioluho. Yes ha how. Aye, yay. Hoohoohey. Ohlolollollay. Whorunbaybay? Haahhahaheyaah! Youhoohooohoonyraah! Yayhah. Roohoohum. Yaeyaohoho. Nyanyanyaohoah. Mynahonunuuhuhuhuuhuhu. Ohwloololoonyeahey. Well, Dudeski. I guess we’re finally here. Yeah, It’s always a jam to kick it with you too, my main monkey. Remember to drink plently of fluids. Stay loose, bro.


Some “Dark Cupid” Miraculous!AU @dumbluckycharm requested forever ago that I just now remembered (there was originally supposed to be more, but I decided this was enough for now. Hope you like it!)


(please do NOT edit/repost/remove caption)

Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

Nice legs

Daisy dukes

Makes a man go


Happy Birthday Oikawa Tooru!!!✨✨✨

May you have all the volleyballs and milk bread because you sure deserve them beloved sweet summer child _(:3」∠)_!!!


Shin-Ah and Obi

~The Blue Dragon and the Knight~

I really love how both of my favorite characters are voiced by the same guy: Okamoto Nobuhiko. 

Any of you out there who love these two as well? ^^


(i’m doing their first and last SOLO lines, bc then over half of the firsts are “four jews in a room bitching” and the lasts are “and godchild to the lesbians from next door!”)

F: “Bitching!”
L: “…my friend.”

F: “Bitching!”
L: (alive!) “To Jason’s bar mitzvah!” OR “Thank you.”
(dead!) “There are no answers but what would I do?”

F: “Bitching!”
L: “Vie-eme-low yea-o-leh. Heh-oh-non vi-low. Ah-yis-is-ooh ay-is-ro-ale Ha-ooh low toe vo-o-meem aboh” (got the pronunciation off genius bc i’m not jewish and don’t know any hebrew so sorry!)

F: “Whadda they do for love?”
L: “This is where we take a stand. Welcome to Falsettoland.”

F: “Slavery! SLAVERY!”
L: “And aren’t things lovely?”

F: “Woman internist”
L: “I think perhaps I’m overdressed.”

L: “I think perhaps it doesn’t matter that you are.”

Gift Giving

Originally posted by iamjaynaemarie

Summary: Kili gives you gifts and you make a decision to give him one in return.

Pairings: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 1,522

A/N: Like I said last night, I made a different drabble based on a request. 

Master Lists: Drabbles/Imagines, and Completed Series

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