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WHAT’S UNDER THE RAG, MIMIKYU. I really want to know. I think that something like an Aye-Aye would work because:

a) on that fine line between adorable and horrific

b) long creepy fingers, good for ghostly snatching

c) solitary and nocturnal (weird for a primate)

d) spooky supernatural associations. Aye-Ayes are known in folklore as harbingers of death and evil, they mark people who see them for death 

shout out to people who have really morally wrong intrusive thoughts! people who know those things are wrong and can’t stop thinking about them, people who are disgusted by themselves. you aren’t disgusting! those thoughts aren’t you and you can’t control them! it’s ok, you’re a good person.


Some “Dark Cupid” Miraculous!AU @dumbluckycharm requested forever ago that I just now remembered (there was originally supposed to be more, but I decided this was enough for now. Hope you like it!)


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Half cosplay, half my rad photoshop skillz

(Amelia, the Burrowing Owl Siren from @emo-rock-tale)

I don’t need more than this...

this is my take on the evening after the wedding venue search…without interruptions… and maybe a bit more… (rated decidedly M) AO3

A few steps upon her deck is all it takes for Killian to feel grounded, the ancient wood beneath him welcoming him as it always has, no matter the realm. Fatigue from a seemingly endless day has him moving slowly, wishing he could go back to the start of it, to the first crack of dawn where he’d been nestled deep between Emma’s thighs as they’d made love in time with the morning birdsong. It had been more languid than the previous night, lover’s hands wrapped and probing as they kissed, nearly bringing each other to completion before he even slipped inside. He’d been unable to stop thinking about doing it all over again as he’d showered, quickly tossing on his clothes to seek her out in their kitchen downstairs. But then, life had intervened, in the form of Snow and his perfect morning had become just a tad less so.

Finding himself at the helm, he looks out onto the open water and lets his mind wander as he watches the moonlight dance atop the gentle tide. Marrying Emma here, while apparently impractical, is still what he would prefer. And Emma, the way she’d looked at him when he’d suggested it, he’d thought he’d seen agreement there in the sparkle of her eyes and felt it in the tightening of her hand around his waist. But then, life had intervened, again, and they’d been whisked all over town and found themselves making promises to wait, something he understands but doesn’t want with his whole heart.

For a man hell bent on revenge and misery for so long, he continuously amazes himself at his apparent capacity to chase happiness now, his course firmly set on a life with Emma no matter how long that life may be. Speaking of, the hairs on the back of his neck rise at the sound of her boots coming closer on the dock and he smiles into the wind, the damp chill ruffling his collar as he turns to welcome his love as she comes aboard.

“You didn’t have to come out here, love. I told you I’d meet you back at home if you called.”

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Nice legs

Daisy dukes

Makes a man go


Happy Birthday Oikawa Tooru!!!✨✨✨

May you have all the volleyballs and milk bread because you sure deserve them beloved sweet summer child _(:3」∠)_!!!


Isipin mo to ha, araw-araw kang pumapasok sa trabaho para mapaganda ang kinabukasan mo pero yung hininga ng katrabaho mo amoy nakalipas. Daig mo pa dinidelubyo everytime na kinakausap ka niya. Yung tipong dahan-dahang minomolestiya ang bawat hibla ng buhok sa ilong mo habang unti-unting nagdidilim ang paningin mo. Ganung katindi. Tapos ilang beses ka ng nag-alok ng chewing gum pero lagi na lang tinatanggihan.

At ang malala pa, ang hilig pang bumulong.

And you were like,

Kaya ang ending ikaw pa ‘tong nagkaosteoporosis.

At dahil sukdulan na ang paghihirap mo at hindi mo na kayang itago ang pagka-badass bitch mo, kinausap mo na lang siya sa paraang hindi siya maooffend.


Bes. Ang boring no. Tara toothbrushan kita?”


Biglang magheadset.

You: “Amoy nabubulok na bagang!!!

Bes: “Excuse me?!”

You: “Ah. lyrics ‘yun sa dito sa kanta bes. Nag-rarap ako. Nadala ka?”


“Wait. Uminom ka ba ng kanal?” 


You: “Ang baho ng utot!!!”

Bes: “Ha?!”

You: “Ay hindi ba. Sorryyy baka hininga mo lang yon.”


“Bes. Try mo ding wag umasa sa V-Fresh ha.”


You: “Ang baho ng hininga mo.”

Bes: “What?!”

You: “Bes hindi ikaw. Yung kausap ko sa phone. Pero pwede din sa’yo.”


“Bes. tae ba toothpaste mo?”


“Oo alam kong nasaktan ka. Alam kong niloko ka. Pero hindi sapat yun para hindi ka magtoothbrush. Wag ganon.”


“Bes aware ka ba na naimbento na ang toothbrush?”


“Bes tara! Kain tayo toothpaste.”


You: “Good morning bes.”

Bes: “Gabi na ah”

You: “Ayy. Akala ko umaga pa. Amoy bagong gising ka kasi.”


“Kumain ka na naman ng panis?”


“Bes. Remind ko lang. Sa pwet tayo umuutot hindi sa bibig ha.”

Pero siyempre may 3 bagay na dapat tandaan bago isagawa ang plano.

1. Dapat walang ibang tao. Para hindi niya maramdaman na nahuhumiliate siya.

2. Dapat pa-joke. Para hindi masyadong masakit.

3. Dapat hindi ka din bad breath. Para hindi ka masabihan ng, “OMG. It’s a tie!”

Pero kung wala ka talagang lakas ng loob sabihin sa kanya,  

Idaan sa OOTD.

Or  i-airbend mo na lang yung hininga niya pabalik sa ilong niya. Namemersonal na eh.

Gift Giving

Originally posted by iamjaynaemarie

Summary: Kili gives you gifts and you make a decision to give him one in return.

Pairings: Kili x Reader

Word Count: 1,522

A/N: Like I said last night, I made a different drabble based on a request. 

Master List   

The training room was hot for an empty room. You supposed it was a good thing because it would make the dwarf warriors more bearable to the outside weather.

You were currently in there for your sparring session with King Thorin. 

After the mountain was reclaimed, you and your father, one of the dwarf lords that was alive during the sack of Erebor, moved from the Iron Hills back to the Lonely Mountain and took up residence in your father’s old childhood home.

You were happy that your father had finally got reunited with his old ancestral home but you knew deep down that he was disappointed with you.

You were the most un-dwarrowdam-like dam in the history of un-dwarrowdams-like dams. You were to put it shortly very Tom boy preferring trousers over dresses and sparring over men and your father had lost hope of ever having heirs until you met Kili.

You had found the training room one day and practiced using your bow and arrow, another disappointment to your father due to the fact that no dwarf used arrows, which you now know is not true.

Kili had found you that day and you almost shot him when he interrupted you. After him apologizing and you also apologizing, you two got on like a house on fire and started courting four months after your first meeting which is why you were currently in the training room with Thorin.

After 6 months of courting his nephew, he wanted to get to know you better and had asked Fili if he knew what you were interested in. Fili had suggested a spar session and he jumped at that opportunity. He had thought you were one of those dams that liked to gossip and shop. He didn’t want to deal with that and was glad that he didn’t have to.

“Aren’t you going to take breather?” Thorin asks as you go for your bow and arrows. “This is taking a breather, my lord,” you tell him as you steady your breathing while loading your bow.

Thorin chuckles from his spot on the bench, taking a sip of water from his flask. You were an amazing fighter and he has wished that you had joined them on the journey, but being the only daughter of a very high dwarf lord does hinder things.

You aim for the target, closing one eye and bring the fletching level with your eye line. You steady your movements ready to let go.

“Y/N!” A voice shouts and that breaks your concentration and your grip. You wince as the arrow hits the stone behind, arrowhead breaking.

“For Mahal’s sake,” you groan as you turn to the door that had just slammed open. You ignore Thorin’s snicker as Kili comes bounding up to you.

“Hello amralime,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and pressing a kiss on your cheek earning a groan of disgust as you think about all the sweat on your body.

“Kee I’m in the sweatiest possible state right now. I don’t think you want to kiss me,” you grumble. “I’d love to kiss you when you’re sweaty,” he says lowly and you smile at him.

“Ahem,” Thorin coughs from his spot on the bench. Kili looks at him then back at you.

“Right. So I have a surprise,” he says, backing away and it’s then that you realize he has something attached to his back. He removed it and it’s a quiver full of arrows.

“I made these for you. They’re not the best but-,”

"Oh Kili I love them,” you say, grabbing them from his hand and pressing a kiss on his cheek. He smiles shyly down at you.

“Well I just wanted to stop by to give you that,” he says, pressing a kiss to your lips and jogging out. You shake your head at him and turn to Thorin who has his arms crossed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to throw up this much in my entire life,” Thorin states and you stick your tongue out at the king.

“I bet you’re happy that he’s happy,” you say, notching the new arrow Kili gifted you with.

“What else would I be?” Thorin asks, sneaking up behind you and moving your elbow so you don’t quite hit the target. You glare at him.

“You are just like your nephews,” you say and he shrugs not denying it. Soon, with your newly made arrows, the both of you are parting ways with you in dire need of a bath. When you get home, you find your father already making dinner, something that you typically did.

“Hello, adad,” you say, kissing him on his cheek. “Hello sweetheart. How was your day with the king?” He asks

“We just spent it sparring and I got a new gift from Kili,” you say, holding up the arrows that you wanted to show him.

He smiles and takes the arrows in his hand.

“Go and bathe. You look like you need it,” he says and you laugh, doing what he has told. When you get out of the bath, there is a new wrapped item on the dining room table.

“What is this?” you ask as you take a seat.

“No idea. Prince Fili came by to drop it off while you were in the bath,” your father says as he paces a plate of food in front of you.

You open up the card that was placed on the top and you laugh as you read the message.

“Kili wanted me to give this to you and I have to say you’re both so in love that it’s actually gross. Love your favorite Durin, -Fili.”

You open up the box and there are a new pair of daggers. You’ve been meaning to ask someone to craft you some but you had no time and now you didn’t need to.

Your father chuckles, shaking his head.

“You know, these weren’t the kinds of gifts I gave your mother while we were courting,” He says, taking a seat.

“Well, you know me and mother, we’re not the same person,” you say, planning on what to give Kili since he’s already gifted you with a lot. But what do you get a prince who has everything?

“Aye. You are not,” your father says and with that the both of you fall into a comfortable silence.

A few days later, you find Kili in the throne room with Fili and Thorin with a gift in hand

“Amralime. I wasn’t expecting you,” Kili says, pressing a kiss to your lips. That earns a groan from Fili and you flip him off, earning a grin from Thorin. Let’s just say he was excited to have you in the family.

“I just thought I’d stop by and give you these,” you say, handing him a small box while making his hair neater. You sometimes wondered if he even took care of his hair.

“You didn’t have to,” he says, giving you a small smile. “I just thought I’d give you something since you gave me such beautiful gifts,” you say, watching as he opens the box.

You watch nervously as he looks at the gifts. Maybe it was a bad decision? Maybe he wasn’t going to like it and now you were regretting it. The smile on his face grows wider as he looks at you with tears clouding his eyes.

“Is this real?” he asks, taking your hand in his. “Of course amralime, I want to spend my life with you,” you tell him as he takes out your courting beads.

It was a part of dwarven culture that while the male gives the female courting beads at the beginning of the courtship, it was up to the female to solidify the courtship by gifting the male with her own courting beads. (I just made this up. Its not canon or anything.)

“I do wish you had taken more care into your hair,” you grumble, trying to find a perfect place to braid your beads.

You had spent the last three days in the forge creating your own courting beads with the help of Bofur, the dwarf you met thanks to Kili.

“Oh. This is happening isn’t it? They’re finalizing it aren’t they?” Fili asks excitedly, bouncing on the balls of his feet. He already liked you as a sister and it hurt his heart that Kili had the doubt of you would turn him down and he was really excited for this moment.

“Quiet down and stop bouncing,” Thorin says, hitting his nephew to make him stop. Fili glares at him and his attention turns back to you two.

You had already braided one head into his hair and when you finish the second braid, you smile at him.

“It’s not the best, but it’ll do,” you say, flicking his hair. Kili smiles down at you. “Either way, I love it,” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you above him and you smile before placing a kiss on his lips, ready to spend the rest of your life together.

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