axwell s

I was tagged by @daenerysn​, thank you so much! <3

favourite place: my house, my city, my country
favourite color: black, white, blue
pets: three cats
last song I listened to: resurrection by michael calfan (axwell’s recut club version)
fav tv show: lost, game of thrones, doctor who
first fandom: the lord of the rings
hobbies: watching tv shows/movies, photoshop, photography, my job
books that I’m currently reading: -
favorite book: the lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkien
best thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: strawberry milkshake

I tag: @baskervielle​, @daniels-gillies​, @valramorghulis​, @alyciadubnamcarey​, @bensolcs​, @odairannies​, @daenerysjon​, @sociapathic​, @rosetylecr​, @ronesweasley