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“Living in Venezuela, I progressively saw how things got worse, both economically and socially. I saw my mother on the streets fighting for our rights, for freedom of speech, and for the safety of her family. My brother, who worked at a movie theater 11am - 6pm, let me tag along with him. As he worked, I watched movies back-to-back.

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A few weeks ago I went to a few Battle of Nations/ HMB type shindigs with Team Kraken, our local team here in Melbourne. We left late on Thursday afternoon and arrived in Sydney at 5am Friday. People were fighting again at 11am. We then drove back to Ballarat (another 12 hours) for more fighting. I don’t know how we’re all alive and how we didn’t actually strangle each other from the excessive time spent in the car, but hey. We’re still here.

I was a squire so I spent a lot of time fiddling with straps, adjusting things/ repairing things with shoe laces and just trying to keep stuff safe and functional. It was a lot of work, pretty stressful, but also a ton of fun because all of the guys on Team Kraken are friends of mine and A++ people.

I’m not a great photographer but I did manage to get a few cool shots. The last photo is of myself, hanging out with Son of Fear before it was broken in a fight later that day.

To those wondering, check out Battle of Nations. It’s coming up really soon and is an exciting combination of medieval costuming, gorgeous yet functional armour and kicking the crap out of each other. Best sport around.

Calling all musicians. If you’re ready to #FindYourMagic and take your act to the next level, look no further.

Submit a video 60 seconds or less to enter for a chance to be mentored by John Legend, join the AXE Collective, and then step on stage at a major music festival. Sound cool? We thought so, too.

No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18+. Music Ends 2/15/16. Terms & Conditions.


Grit. Guts. Glory. That’s what AXE Collective filmmakers Francisco Cabrera, @justshemababy, and Tabi Bonney put on display last week, as they screened their films at the Vanguard Honours event during the Toronto International Film Festival®. Props to them for bringing such a massive audience to the theater and killing it onstage alongside their mentors, award-winning artist John Legend and acclaimed film and TV producer, director, writer Mark Duplass.

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Late-night script-writing.
Weekend location scouting.
Post-work post-editing.
It’s more than a hobby. This is plan A.

Submit to join the AXE Collective and you could show your original short film at the Toronto International Film Festival®.

Share a trailer (up to 2 minutes) of your short film (no longer than 10 min. run-time).

NoPurNec. Must be 18+. Film Ends 6/15/16. For Official Rules, click here.

You’ve crewed, casted, and crowdfunded.

Now, it’s time to show your stuff at the Toronto International Film Festival®. Submit your short film for the chance to go above the line at TIFF.

Share your trailer (up to 2 minutes) of your short film (10-min. or less run-time). Find Your Magic.

NoPurNec. Must be 18+. Film Ends 6/15/16. For Official Rules, click here.