WoW Transmog Help?

Yo, anyone here knowledgeable with WoW transmog? I’m looking for a one-handed axe that would go well with a death knight transmog, specifically in the blue color tone range. I’m super cool and want my DK’s outfit to be the set you get when you leave the starter zone, and I’d like his weapons (two one-handed axes) to match. 

I really love the look of Nighttime with its right angles and sharp projections, but the red is keeping me from really loving it. I’m really looking for something with an icy feel.

Ultra double mondo quadruple “I will literally draw you a sketch if you find me what I’m looking for” points if the one-handed axe has a similar two-handed axe or polearm that matches closely. 


Hello everyone it’s Shuu! I just want to tell everyone that I have some traditional works up for sale at my storenvy! I usually use them at cons for commission samples and surprisingly people ask me if I’m actually selling them! These works are either done in marker or watercolor and they are up for grabs. These are not mass produced and something I’ve drawn with my own hands with the traditional supplies I have at home.They only exist as one copy (meaning the original will be off of my hands practically forever).
If you are interested please click on the link below and it has info on each drawing! ^^


These drawings can be laminated and signed if requested!