Alex Hirsch in Russia, day one, 16th of April

Today at Bigfest Alex on stage talked a lot about the show and shared some new facts (on Bill and Ford and AXOLTL!!!!) with us
Everything in quotes is an actual quote!

(here, have a pic of Alex and awesome Stans, took it while waiting for my turn)

He started by saying he’s suprised and glad the show is so popular here, and people were just cheering on him like crazy, it was very impressive.

Then he asked the crowd, what episode they wanted to know more about and decided to talk about Sock Opera.

Originally Bill wasn’t in it, but since he and the crew figured, that “kids must be missing Bill”, they came up with “making a deal plot”. Then they had to decide “why on earth” would Dipper shake hands with “basically devil in a triangular shape

So there was a plot, where Dipper and Bill become friends. Bill pulls Dipper out of his body and they are flying around the city together pulling pranks on people (?like taking their pants off – not sure about this part lol?) That was too unbelievable though, and got discarded, because Dipper wouldn’t do something like this.

Then Alex talked a bit about his voice-acting and did an impression of Bill and “reality is an illusion” catchphrase. The crowd went nuts, and he pretended to be scared and asked “B-bill?”. And then answered himself in Bill’s voice “I AM HERE!”. And Alex started looking around again like Bill was actually there on stage too, it was so amazing!

About the Journal

Alex was like, okay, one of the main questions to be answered – where was Ford all this time?

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