modernau where jehan drags courf to the thrift store on a rainy day and while jehan’s digging through weird obscure paperbacks courf wanders into the darker corners of the building and he finds this rock. just. this rock. it’s the size of a loaf of bread and neither jehan nor the person behind the counter has any idea how it got there but it’s a pretty cool rock so the cashier lets courf take it home for free. he’s rinsing it off with scalding water in his kitchen sink, thinking okay maybe i’ll use it as a doorstop or something, when the thing looks like it’s starting to crack and ooze light and heat. what i’m saying is courfeyrac with a baby dragon

eposette au where cosette is a figure skater and eponine does hockey and her practice is always right before cosette’s so she gets off the ice, sweaty and panting and chest heaving with exertion, tugging off her helmet to shake her head of dark tangled hair and stopping midmotion to stare at lithe pretty cosette, who moves with casual grace on her perfectly shiny blades and fiddles with the water bottle tucked under her arm and just might be blushing because she was staring right back at ep

also jehan with an undercut where half his hair is shoulder-length and the other half is buzzed and also a tongue piercing. i try so hard not to subscribe to the whole “jehan Must Be Badass because being nice and gentle and loving and artistic isn’t good enough” trope because it’s bullshit but i love the idea of him having a ton of strange and typically “tough” aspects and interests not because he’s trying to look or act like a badass but because he thinks they’re charming

i want to look like modern au enjolras why cant i look like modern au enjolras specifically shorthaired lesbian enjolras in an elegant suit with the shirt undone a couple buttons lower than is probably proper

reasons u should ship jehan/bahorel/feuilly:

  • jehan and bahorel waking up even earlier than feuilly one morning to make mountains of eggs, bacon, and french toast so he can have that for breakfast instead of the single piece of toast that’s usually all he has time for before he has to leave for work
  • feuilly tending to bahorel’s bruises with ice packs and jehan pressing colorful bandaids over his scrapes and both of them torn between worrying over him and asking him eagerly for verbal replays of his win (bahorel grinning broadly through his split lip and melting under their care)
  • bahorel and feuilly drowsing in the late-evening sunlight that pours through the window to the soft lilt of jehan’s voice as he reads poetry aloud, curled up between them in the bed that barely fits all three of them
  • naked cuddles (small slender jehan, long lean feuilly, big brawny bahorel, tangles of limbs and freckles and contented silence)
  • the sex

the thing is NO ONE ships jehan/bahorel/feuilly and i have no idea why because jehan/bahorel/feuilly is legitimately one of the cutest things ever

okay i understand if you prefer the label of bisexuality to pansexuality because bisexual doesn’t actually refer to only two genders and it’s a word you strongly associate yourself with (instead of the more modern pansexual), but if you’re not going to recognize that a lot of people still consider bisexual to mean “boys and girls” and could take your orientation to mean that at face value/be sympathetic with people who use pansexual because it’s blatantly all-encompassing and comfortable because it was created with the purpose of including nonbinary genders (e.g., if you’re bi and shit on people who are pan) then we are going to have problems

i love love lOV e the writing of young poets on tumblr there’s definitely a certain universal style undercurrent that’s going on here and it’s gorgeous and everyone’s so talented u go stars shine on