axolotl originals

He is “Tako” The Axolotl~

Instead of just the ilustration I did this little gif uvu, because Axolotl is love <3 

coffee-seikatsu  asked:

Hey! So my boyfriend and I took in an axolotl since it's original owner couldn't keep it anymore. Right now tank temperatures are fine since it's winter and the bf keeps his room cold but we're worried about keeping the tank cold in the summer since only the living room has air conditioning and it doesn't cool the apartment well to begin with. Any suggestions/advice on a way to keep it cool that won't totally break the bank? Thank you!!

This is very much not my area of knowledge, but I’ll boost so fishblr and people with related aquatic system experience can weigh in. 

anonymous asked:

Sorry to intrude, but can you crop the axolotl from the original vista that you framed (is that the right phrase?) to just the right-side axolotl? Thank you!

Yeah, no problem! And no worries, I got ya. Your phrasing made sense~! ^^
One Righter-most Axolotl coming right up!
And the others too. Cause they’re cute. And small