oh my god this is the best axolotl video i’ve ever seen


some friendly axolotl people. They eat bland, soft foods, wear minimal but colorful clothes, and like pom-pom “jewelry” because it’s gentle against their delicate skin. They have lungs, but if they have to spend too much time away from water (like to go to a town farther inland), they wear wet veils over their heads to keep their gills damp longer.

The club is made from strong wood and shark teeth, and can be swung with one or two paws. These axolotl people are friendly, but they’re not pushovers.


Did you know…. axolotls are my favorite animal….and I like to draw favs as axolotls for my own amusement?…. yea thats me.

Random doodles: 
- Hanzo yelling that he is gay and Jesse is like “same”
- Gabe looking to the camera like he is in the office because Jesse called him in the middle of the night to cry about stuff, also Jack is there too.
- THEM BOYS as cute axolotls because I lost total control of my godamn life, also size dif because of course.
-Sombra cant believe Jesse’s shenanigans idk
- size chart sorta thing…. Hanzo is just small and angry because I like that concept, Genji has to always be taller than Hanzo… ALWAYS, same with Jesse, even as an axolotl hIM BIG.
- Tiny anger glubs