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Anxiety will be listening to music and Patton will come in and be like "hey watcha listening to there?" And Axniety shows him all his edgy angsty emo music to Patton, even though patton doesnt like the music he likes being there and seeing Anxiety talk about things he likes. But when slow music comes on he puts it on a list that he will later put on a mixtape for Anxiety.

💜💚💜💚💜 this is adorable

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i feel like when Zalfie gets married their wedding won't be extra extreme i have a feeling it would be simple and easy and not too much because i think that it would be because of zoe's anxiety like with axniety its hard to be in a large crowd and be the center of attention even with someone

No there won’t be this big huge show but I don’t think that will be an issue. Not everything with Zoe is related to anxiety. I’m sure they will pick a place that is comfortable and will only invite close friends and family

Oh MY God

So i start school exactly a week from today and i havent been able to sleep ALL night because im getting chest pains my anxiety is so bad about going back. 

All of my friends left me because i guess their parents hate me, and because i have with drawn allot because of my depression so im basically going back to no one. 

Did i mention, this is my third year in the ninth grade because im so afraid of school i dont go? Ughh. Im so scared im not going to pass again this year. 

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this one's kind of sad and it's also probably me trying to find solace in fictional characters: how would the karasuno boys help a friend who struggles with depression/anxiety/suicidal thoughts? thank you for this blog, by the way; reading through it makes me happy.

it is kind of sad, but i do understand where you’re coming from, dear, don’t worry. and i’m glad its making you happy! that’s my goal!

Hinata: “Whaaaat?” He’d be shocked at knowing what you were actually feeling, before puffing his cheeks out. Lightly bumping his forehead against yours, he’d say, “Why do you think all that stuff? That’s all wrong! You’re amazing, _____! You shouldn’t be so sad, you should be really happy… I know! Let’s go to ice cream with Noya-senpai!”

Kageyama: “I can’t believe you’d think something like that.” With a confused expression from you, he sighed and shook his head. He pulled your head into his chest, resting his chin on it. “People need you more than you think. Don’t let thoughts like that fog up all the good things and people you have in your life.”

Daichi: “You’re strong, you know.” He hugged you around the shoulders, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Dealing with all of that for so long. But there’s no reason for you to. You’ve got me and your friends and even my team on your side. We’re all here for you and you can always talk to us.”

Sugawara: He smiled at you and cupped your cheeks, making you look at him. “I love you, _____, I really do. You’re a good friend to me and I’d never want you to do anything like that to yourself. You are absolutely amazing and beautiful in your own ways. Don’t do that to yourself. To someone out there, you’re perfect.”

Tanaka: After listening to you, he suddenly laughed, wrapping an arm around your neck and pulling you down as he gave you a noogie. Then after a few of your protests, he suddenly stopped and got quiet, just holding onto you. When you looked at him, he seemed to be crying. “Don’t do anything to hurt yourself,” he whispered, “please. It isn’t worth it.”

Nishinoya: After listening to you, the first thing he did was take you out to ice cream. As the two of you sat in the parking, eating your ice cream in silence, he suddenly spoke up, “You shouldn’t think any of those things! I’ll tell ya what I told Asahi-san; who cares what others think as long as you think you look cool?! You’re cool! You’re nice and special and people love you! So don’t do something selfish like that. You wouldn’t be giving a thought to what we’d feel about it.”

Asahi: He has definitely had a time in his life when he was like this, especially due to his own axniety and slight depression. He hugged you tight, lifting you up off the ground as he did, just hugging and holding you in the air. “You’re too special to be lost like that. I know it’s hard now, but you’ll be fine. Everyone is on your side, you know.”

Tsukishima: “Are you stupid?” You looked up at and furrowed you eyebrows with a ‘what?’. He looked back down at you at. “You heard me. Are you stupid? Why take your own life? Because of some bump in the road?” He’d put his hand on your head and somewhat roughly ruffle your hair. “Don’t be an idiot. You can get over that bump.”

Yamaguchi: Admittedly, he’s had similar thoughts himself in the past. But meeting Tsukishima and the team and having others influence in his life, he got better. And he wanted to do the same for you. He hugged you tight and wouldn’t let for for several minutes. “I’ve been like that before, _____. But it’s okay. It does get better. You’ll be okay. I’ll be right here for you, okay…?”

((i will admit, i cried writing most of these))