axles of annihilation


d1b1_rose_vs_texas_b_L3601369 1 by Mark Nockleby

Big O! photo highlights!
Full Metal Bracket
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I know, I know. It has been quite a long time since I have posted anything new. March of this year I retired from being a referee, there were a lot of reasons, ultimately I just enjoyed announcing bouts more than calling penalties. I have not been proactive in seeking bouts to call. As word was getting out that I was no longer a ref, people assumed that I had quit derby altogether. When skaters…

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Nicholas Charest took some phenomenal photos at the TCRG All Stars vs. Rose City Axles of Annilation bout this weekend.

I’m thinking about becoming an Authority Figure /refree, otherwise fondly know as a zebra… Competition is going to be top-notch at Fresh Meat tryouts, and I’m giving it my all, practicing every day, reading up and watching as many derby videos as I can. But I like having a back-up plan. And being a zebra means… knowing the rules inside and out so that I can play derby better!


Everyone has to watch this immediately.