The nice fellas over at Nameless Performance were kind enough to make a prototype axleback exhaust for my 2006 Subaru Outback XT and I have to say, I could not be happier. The build quality is absolutely incredible and the sound is incredible. I could write here about how awesome it is all day, but if you just check out the video you will know what I am talking about. Head over to their site and get one of your own for several different vehicles by clicking, HERE!

Parts update

1# Dude from Out Performance Shop NEVER emailed me back. What a McDouche.

2# American Muscle won’t get the Mac axleback exhaust in for another 6-7 week so I canceled my order because I don’t want to wait that long. Now I gotta decide what I’ll get instead. I found the same set, used, on a forum but the guy said he is selling them because they drone super bad and all I do is drive at highway speed so maybe I lucked out