“I sing in about five or six different voices-that are all part of me, it’s not contrived. I’m like a second baritone or something.
I used to take choir classes and stuff and I’d always- sit there and since I could read music, I’d try to sing other people’s parts and see if I could get away with it.
We had this teacher who was pitch perfect, or whatever you call it. He had ears’ like a bat, man, like radar.
So, in order to get away with singing someone else’s part, you’d really have to get it down. Or else, he’d know exactly what corner of the room this person is who’s not singing right.
So, I guess, I really started working on it then by trying to mess with this guy’s head. Like how come he’s hearing a soprano in the bass section.”
- Axl Rose

Imagine Arguing With Axl Over One of His Temper Tantrums (PART 2)

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Downing the drink in your hand, you signaled the bartender, asking for another. You were way past drunk; however, the bar was far too crowded and hectic for him to notice your intoxicated state, so he continued to bring you drinks. Numbing your pain was your goal, and while the drinks did help, you still couldn’t get Axl off your mind. You had tried the rational way of handling your emotions, but your feelings weren’t exactly the most stable; the only solution you thought would help you cope was drinking.

You held your head in your hands as your elbows supported your arms on the bar. Your eyes were bloodshot and you could feel them begin to water for what seemed like the hundredth time tonight. Once again, your thoughts got the best of you, and your mind began to wander. How could he do such a thing? What in his mind told him it was ok?

The bartender handed you your drink. Throwing your head back, you finished it in an instant and slammed the glass down on the table. You took a deep breath and wiped the sweat off your forehead as you sensed a body sit down on the stool next to you.

“Hey! What are you doing here? Is Axl with you?” He asked cheerily, as he scoured the bar looking for your most likely soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

You turned to face him and watched as his smile fell, his mood altering immediately after witnessing the hurt expression on your face.

“He’s not here,” you mumbled, as you stood up from the stool you lost your balance, and reached out to grab his arm.

“Jesus Y/N, you’re fucking hammered. Let me take you back home. Where’s Axl?” He asked, guiding you back to your seat.

“I told you, he’s not here!” You cried out, “he’s at home,” you slurred, laughing at your use of the word that now felt so foreign.

You swatted his arm away and walked in the opposite direction towards the bathrooms, pushing through the massive crowd of people. He came after you, and held onto your wrist as he spun you around to face him.

“Y/N, I’m taking you home. You shouldn’t be out here by yourself.” He demanded.

The more he spoke the more he pissed you off. Who the fuck was he to tell you what to do?

“Izzy, I’m fine! Leave me the fuck alone!” You shouted, trying to yank your wrist from his hand.

“No, we’re leaving!” He yelled, now becoming annoyed at your lack of cooperation. “Give me your car keys.”

“Fuck off!” You spat out, violently pulling your arm in an attempt to jerk out of his grip.

Unable to control your sudden fit of anger, Izzy picked you up and started towards the exit. You hung over his right shoulder, desperately punching at his back to get him to put you down.

“Izzy, what the fuck! Put me down!” You screamed, proceeding to hit his back.

You were surprised by the fact that no one seemed to care that you were being taken against your will. What if you really were in an unsafe situation? Would no one help you? Although you failed to come to the realization, leaving with Izzy was probably your best option; he would keep you safe from the mess of people you had surrounded yourself with.

Izzy made it to the door and searched for your car. It wasn’t that dark out yet, and the sun was in it’s final stages of setting. You were of no help, and when Izzy asked where you had parked the car your mind was far too cloudy to recollect any insignificant action of the past. Izzy walked up and down the street until he finally found your car parked beside a tree. He opened the passenger’s seat and sat you down.

“Give me the keys, Y/N.” He commanded.

Reaching in your back pocket, you held out the keys, dangling them in front of him you asked disinterestedly, “Where are we going?”

Izzy sighed, fed up with the way his night was going, “I’m taking you back to your place,” he replied, as he nodded his head in the direction towards the keys and continued, “hand ‘em over.”

You didn’t want to go back to your place. You didn’t even want to be around Izzy. The house was trashed and all you wanted was to be by yourself. You handed him the keys and waited for him to run back around to the driver’s seat. As soon as he put the keys in the ignition you immediately opened the door and bolted out of the car. You didn’t care that you were putting yourself in danger. At this point, nothing could be worse than what Axl had put you through.

Izzy’s eyes widened in shock as he got out of the car and chased after you. You turned a corner and ran into the first place you saw, which just so happened to be another bar. 

“Fuck!” He shouted into the street, “Y/N, stop fucking around! Where are you?” He continued to call out, earning himself a fair share of rude comments by the people walking by.

Izzy searched everywhere but couldn’t find you. He was at a complete loss for words as he proceeded to check every single location in the area. Giving up, Izzy took your car and headed to where he knew he’d be able to find help—yours and Axl’s house. He drove as fast as he could, haphazardly parking the car in the driveway and forgetting to take out the keys. Running towards the front, Izzy aggressively banged on the door.

“Axl, open the fucking door!”

After what felt like a lifetime, the door opened, revealing a pissed off Axl.

“What?” He said rudely, squinting his eyes.

“I lost Y/N. She was fucking drunk out of her mind and she disappeared. You need to help me look for her,” Izzy confessed, his face filling with worry.

"I’m sure she can take care of herself. She’s not-”

“You don’t think I know that?” He exclaimed, “Axl, she can barely stand up straight! We have to go find her!”

Finally processing how out of hand this had all gotten, Axl’s face turned pale. He knew he was in the wrong, and he had finally admitted to himself that he was the reason this was all happening. It was his fault that you were now in harm’s way. He was the cause of all your pain; the thought that you were potentially in danger made him feel absolutely sick to his stomach. All he could feel was how disgusted with himself he was.

“Fuck, where the hell did she go?” Axl screamed, as he slammed the door of the house and ran towards the car.

“I don’t know, but it’s almost dark out. If she’s out on the streets I can only imagine what’ll happen to her.”