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wow i'm sorry to bother you and this is probably a dumb question but while i'm a gnr fan i don't really know anything about any of them as people so i was just wondering what do you like most about axl?

You aren’t bothering me, don’t worry!

Axl Rose owns my ass, there really isn’t anything that I don’t love about him, so narrowing this down will be hard. I’ll try my best:

• He’s actually a very soft and kindhearted person. When people talk about Axl, they’re usually talking about him being angry, or crazy. Yes, those are parts of him, but he’s so much more than them. His generosity and caring nature is overlooked a lot of the time. He would do anything for the people he loves, and is known for showing his love in grand gestures. He even does shit for strangers. There was a waitress who fell victim to racism, and a lack of tip because of it, and Axl heard about it and gave her backstage access to an AC/DC show for free. He also has like a million animals, and talks about them like they’re his children. His heart is bigger than the sun.
• Axl is honestly so funny and charismatic. He has a broad range of humor. Sometimes he’s silly and childlike, and sometimes he’s very sharp and witty. He’s funny without even trying a lot of the time.
• His passion, man. There isn’t a thing he does half-assed. He works hard and puts his everything into what he’s doing. You can see it when he’s performing, and you can see it when he’s talking about performing/music. He’s very emotionally involved in what he does, and you can almost feel it at times.
• He’s really such a strong person, he’s truly admirable. His life has been one long roller coaster through hell, but he’s always pushed through and came out even better than he was before.
He’s just the best.

Axl Rose has one of the widest vocal ranges in popular music. It’s wider than Mariah Carey’s. He can reach higher notes than Tina Turner or Beyonce and lower notes than Barry White. This fact is not appreciated enough, he’s mostly known as a douchey ginger with a screechy voice. He’s a douchey ginger with an amazing screechy voice, goddammit!