axl ros

Life Lessons Taught in Steel Ball Run

1. Don’t hold out for others to simply give you the answers to life, while they may help, it’s ultimately up to everyone of us to find our own answers for our greatest questions. (Gyro Spin Lesson 1#)

2. Those who hunger for what they want will always beat those who simply inherent what they want. (Gyro vs. Diego)

3. Keep working towards your goals, don’t get lazy and stop striving for your hopes and dreams. (Gyro Spin Lesson #2)

4. What can seem like a terrible twist of fate can actually end up leading you down the best path. (Pocoloco’s entire character)

5. Those willing to sacrifice are often those who end up with the most. (Sugar Mountain)

6. It’s foolish to expect miracles, but that shouldn’t stop you from hoping that one will happen. (Gyro and Johnny vs. Wekapipo and Magent Magent)

7. Respect where you’ve come from and how far you’ve gotten. (Gyro Spin Lesson #4)

8. Act with conviction, don’t do things unless you are confident in what you’re doing. (Gyro vs. Ringo Roadagain, Johnny vs Axl Ro)

9. We’ve all got baggage that we have to live with, don’t let it burden you. (Civil War)

10. Morality will always be gray, there is no black and white to the world. (Basically everyone vs President Valentine)