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Just wanted to let you guys know that I love you, you make my dash a wonderful place, and I hope you’ve had a good year :) And here’s to another - even better - year! I honestly don’t know what I’d do without you all; you make my day brighter and my smile bigger. I wish you all the best. Same goes for my followers; I love you ♥


selenicsoulmates replied to your post: my team manager watches l…

whenever that happens to me I show them 0fficernako’s posts and other stuff that ultimately makes fun of him and it usually aids to them liking him eventually idk try it.

0fficermako is the ultimate gateway to mako love

darkcrystaljasmine replied to your post: my team manager watches l…

Its come to the point where I don’t even mention LOK in public because of this.

sameee omg it’s so incendiary to talk about it when you KNOW your opinion will differ from the person's 

axisofsymmetry replied to your post: my team manager watches l…

i dont hate mako i just hate how hes written in fact i hate how theyre all written in fact yeah i hate lok


I bet you jimmy develops a crush on sam that first night he takes him out to talk about a future in law, but he doesn’t think sam likes him because he feels so old and sam is so young and bright and sam is so in to him but he doesn’t show it because he thinks Jimmy’s not interested in him because he feels too young and immature and they just pine after each other and jimmy brings it up to cas and cas talks about how sam kissed him and jimmy is just so in to it and he asks how it felt and if his lips were soft and if it was addicting and if cas got to fist his fingers in his long hair or if he got him to whimper or whine or moan and if sounded like heaven and cas is just so done he’s like WHY DONT YOU GO FUCKING KISS HIM YOURSELF YOU IDIOT GOD DAMNIT

axisofsymmetry replied to your post: I hate that my dad uses my successes t…

ugh ): hugs

uirukii replied to your post: I hate that my dad uses my successes t…

Fuck that shit. I hate when people do that too *hugs you*


It really stinks, and it feels like it taints my successes as well! He’s so weird about it too, he used to be all AREN’T YOU IN COLLEGE?? when he asked me to help him carry heavy stuff and I messed up with something or other

because…getting an A in class…means I can lift heavy stuff??

axisofsymmetry replied to your postWhen your mom thinks Demisexual means Bisexual, and thinks Bisexual means strong Lesbian tendencies.

ive been finding that at least in my experience a good portion of adults of this generation are kind of uneducated when it comes to stuff like this and a good portion of those dont necessarily WANT to be educated on it

Yeah, it just gets annoying though.

We were talking about a bunch of teens in our area who openly admit they’ve had sex, and most are my age. Just about all of them have either been pregnant, or had a pregnancy scare.

Anyway, we got on the topic of whether I’ve had sex or not, (I’m with my cousins, mind you) and I said no. I’m young, and even if I wanted to, I’m Demisexual, and don’t have strong enough bonds with anyone except Brett and Logan, and I’m not attracted to Brett.

Anyway, my mom flips a bitch because she thought that mean I was Bi, which in her mind means that I’m covering for being a lesbian.

No mom.

Not even close.