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Can I ask for a scenario drunken!Lithuania x reader? I really want to see how you will portray him in this state

the truth is…

Drunk!Lithuania x Reader

Y/N had been friends with Toris for years now, best friends, really. Y/N loved the Lithuanian, but due to his admiration of Natalya, Y/N had never said a word about their feelings. Y/N didn’t want to threaten their friendship, nor did Y/N want to pressure him even more. And just the day before, Toris had gotten the brush-off by Natalya – again – leaving Toris devastated. Y/N knew that arguing with him was pointless, there was no argument to convince him to let go of his dream that he and Natalya could get together. So Y/N called Feliks to take him out for a while so he’d forget his sadness for a while.

Seems like Y/N didn’t really think it through, though. After Toris had asked Y/N to come along, Y/N agreed. In their eyes, it would have been unfair to just force him to go and not to come along.
So now they were there, in a restaurant that also had a bar. Because Y/N had driven here by car, Y/N only drank water. “Come on, Toris, I’ll pay the next round, you look crestfallen” Feliks commented.
Toris muttered: “Alright…”
Y/N looked at the bottle: Some Polish vodka. Y/N watched Toris down the liqueur and started to cough.
“Easy there” Feliks said and laughed, “Don’t die, that would be dumb.”
“It doesn’t matter anyways” Toris replied and grabbed the bottle.
Y/N sighted: “Natalya only has eyes for Ivan, Toris. Don’t chase a dream.”
“Apparently, I only chase dreams” he replied and filled his glass. ‘As if it’s water’ Y/N thought to themselves. Feliks looked at Y/N and Y/N shrugged.

(Time skip to a bit later, Y/N returns to the bar after Y/N had quickly washed their hands in the restroom)

Y/N frowned when they saw Toris’ head on Feliks’ shoulder – and Feliks looked a bit concerned. He waved at Y/N who hurried over.
“Y/N-” Feliks was interrupted by Toris: “N-noo, I can't… Y-Y/N?” Internally, Y/N facepalmed when Y/N realised that he was slurring.
“Yes, Toris?” Y/N asked.
He sat up and sloppily grabbed his glass. Y/N looked at Feliks: “How much did he have to drink??”
“Honestly not that much! I had more and I am fine!” he answered and lifted his hands: “I didn’t think he could handle so little…”
“I’m fine, I promise… It’s just… why don’t they love me?” he said, and honestly, Y/N was surprised how he could supress his slurring.
“Natalya? Toris, stop torturing yourself…” Y/N replied and sighted, “She loves Ivan.”
“Ah, yeah, about that, Y/N-” Feliks was yet again interrupted by Toris: “That’s not w-what I mean!”
Y/N frowned and looked at Feliks: “Care to explain?”
“Hey, I don’t know! He’s totally drunk, but I’m not sure if he was talking about Natalya” Feliks replied defensively.
Y/N waved it off: “Anyways, I think I should take him home. That won’t end well if he keeps drinking.”
“N-no, I’m fine!” Toris insisted.
“Yeah, yeah, you’re fine” Y/N replied and took his arm to put it around his shoulders: “Then you’ll help me by walking, right?”
When Toris stood up, even though Y/N held onto him, he tripped over his own feet. “Fine” Y/N huffed.
Y/N looked to Feliks and told him that they’d text him once Toris was at his place. It was a challenge to get Toris to their car and onto the passenger seat.
When Y/N sat on the driver’s seat, Y/N noticed that Toris was crying. “Toris, what’s wrong? Is it Natalya?” Y/N asked while Y/N started to drive. He shook his head and wiped his tears away. Y/N sighted: “God, Toris… look at you”
Y/N turned into the highway, starting to speed up a little.
“Ngh… Y-Y/N”
Y/N turned their head around to look at Toris who was pale as paper. Before even asking what was going on, Y/N speeded up even more because Toris’ house was pretty close and there was no way to pull over right now: “I’ll get you out in a second.”
Y/N parked the car within the blink of an eye, jumped out of the car and pulled Toris out of the car. He groaned and reeled over to the bush next to the stairs that led up to the door, doubled over and threw up. Y/N walked over and patted his back without saying anything and waited until he was finished.
Y/N took Toris’ keys and opened the door before helping him into the house. It wasn’t getting easier, as he was almost asleep now. “God, you’re heavier than you look” Y/N muttered.
“I- I’m sorry” he drawled.
“Sorry for doing this to yourself, I hope”, Y/N replied and made their way to the bathroom. On the way, Toris stopped walking. Y/N looked at him. His eyes fluttered and he had lost all colour yet again and let out a groan. “Dammit…” Y/N whispered and pulled him into the bathroom and placed him in front of the toilet. He gagged a few times before he started to throw up again. Y/N could see tears streaming down his cheeks.
“Don’t cry” Y/N whispered and stroked gently over his head. He rinsed his mouth and shook his head: “I… I love you, Y/N.”
Y/N shook their head: “You should sleep now, Toris. You’re totally out of it.”
He made a noise that was similar to a sob and a grunt, but he didn’t say anything. Y/N took him to his room and placed him on his bed.
“W-wait, Y/N, before you go-” He opened a shelf next to his bed and got a paper: “H-Here.”
Then, he rolled over in his bed and instantly blacked out. Y/N stared on the paper in their hands.
I know Y/N won’t believe me. But the truth is, I have always loved her. More than anything.
“Toris… you’re an idiot” Y/N whispered and looked softly at the man on the bed. But… maybe it really wasn’t just the alcohol talking…


What CAN I say about Lovino? I talk about him so much! He’s my life, my everything! Spending centuries with someone really does something to you. Like how Francis & I have been together for soooo long. 
There isn’t one thing I dislike about Romano. Everything he does, from his speech, mannerisms, to the way he walks! Makes him…well him! He’s perfect in my eyes! I love him very much!

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Hi Spain! Got any funny/cute stories of Romano when he was little?

Hola!! With Romano? Hrm… I have so many!! Oh RIGHT!!
He’s so funny! Once when Lovino was young we were baking with Belgium! When Lovi was little he was veryyy curious. So he saw Belgium pour a bag of flour into the bowl and when she had her backed turned? Romano took it and spilled the entire bag onto himself! It was so funny we couldn’t stop laughing! He looked so angry with puffy cheeks & a red face! It was the cutest thing! Belgium & I still tease him til this day about it! 


…I admit that I wasn’t the best parental figure to him and the others, but I didn’t suck at it.

And I think you have forgotten, anon, that Arthur also took care of Leon, and he took care of him for most of his latter years.

Leon… changed a lot while he was not in my care, which I still resent Arthur a little bit for that, but you should go ask him for the other half of Leon’s parenting since you make such claims like that.

Also, I recommend that you get to him quickly before I get rid of you.