hetabook series: #5 
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APH | seborga and monaco

i’m in love with an uptown girl.

anonymous asked:

Could you do nsfw headcanons for the hetalia girls? I know that there's a limit so could you do Vietnam, Monaco, Hungary, Taiwan, and Belarus? Thank you so much!! <3


  • can be dominant
  • doesn’t kiss during sex that often
  • is surprisingly quiet


  • loves neck kisses during sex
  • whimpers often, but never ever screams
  • she hates to moan


  • the lowkey domina
  • she won’t moan, she will make their partner moan
  • she can be rather rough as she wants to see her partner suffer in a pleasing way


  • tends to be very nervous
  • quivers a lot
  • moans very quietly, but high-pitched


  • moans a lot
  • she tends to be submissive, but likes when it is a bit rough
  • has a thing for hickeys.

Taiwan is one of my faves i love her so much (stay tuned for more!)

Vietnam | Ukraine & Belarus | Seychelles | Nyo!China | Nyo!Hong Kong | Hungary, Liechtenstein, Belgium, & Monaco |