axis sport

Hetalia Football AU

Quarterback: America, the center of attention. 

Kicker: Italy, doesn’t do much until he’s suddenly deciding the entire game. 

Running back: China, gets ball handed to him, second fastest, kind of carries the team. 

Corner Back: Hungary, covers wide receiver, defense.

Safety: Japan,the  fastest, no one behind him, protects long ball.

Wide receiver: Prussia, catches the ball, flashy, big talker. (Has to work to not argue with the QB, or he might never see the ball.) 

Offensive line/ right and left: Canada and France, protects the QB on offense, the left protects the QB’s blind side.

Center: Spain, hikes the ball, marks where everyone is. 

Linebacker: Germany, leadership role, defends, doesn’t let anyone get past the line of skirmish. (Sometimes blitzs :p) 

Nose tackle: Russia, huge, stops the ball, causes disruption.

Second-string Quarterback: England, would be really important if you didn’t have the Quarterback.