axis powers: hetalia 2p cosplay

I promised you a photo spam, but sadly I’m caught in preparations for MCC :’D there’s also much to do in my private life :’D but it’s alright :)
Have a second picture of my 2P fem England Cosplay :3
You’ll get Con Selfies MCC for sure :3


Tour de Hamburg - 800 Follower special! 

Yes! I’ve done it, here’s the 800 follower special of me giving a short tour through the beautiful city of Hamburg! I was happy the weather played along and I even got myself some candy. I couldn’t resist. And uh, I kinda failed at the english language today, oops. But please enjoy! 

Thanks again for 800 followers! And now let’s aim for the 1000! HAH! 

((Also a big thank you from mun! I never thought I’d get this many followers and I’m so happy to see that you guys like my weird shit i post haha. I really enjoyed making this video and a special thanks to @hyraxas for filming!))


Lutz: what just…. happened? Big Brother?

(( Yes he’s a child now, also his character is back to child! Go ask him some questions! He’ll probably stay like this till Prom since it’s just two weeks, so it gives me some time to answer your questions!))