axis powers: hetalia 2p cosplay


What’s wrong with him? Normally he appreciates my flirting compliments! 

Bodyswap event Something is wrong with Ludwig Part 1

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So, Ludwig is still acting totally weird. I thought he might need to relax a bit and I found the perfect way to do that! Featuring @ask-aph-ameridork 

Bodyswap Event Something is wrong with Ludwig Part 4

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Animecon 2017

The Hague (NL) | June 9-11

Wow, Animecon was amazing! I had a lot of fun with my friends and we shot a great amount of pictures! I finally came around to get some 2p!GerIta pictures and they are hilarious! Click for extra captions!! 

2p!Germany: @identity-mess
2p!Italy: @monxanime