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De Duitser™ (The German™)

So you all need to check this post out, in which Daan (South Holland) and his brother visit their aunt Clarisse (APH Belgium) who is married to Ludwig  and he almost pisses his pants when he sees him. 

But our version is much better, because Lutz happened and he wanted to adopted poor Daan. So now he’s stuck with his uh… sort of uncle??

Click for captions! 

APH Germany: @windlebonne
2p!Germany: @identity-mess / @ask-the-useless-german
South Holland (Daan): @ask-thenetherlands

@ask–gerbelg I’m tagging you too


Have you been to Animecon? A part of our group has been and we made a little vlog on this 3-day con! Join for Hetalia randomness and more! 

Thank you for everyone who joined us on this adventure! 💖


What’s wrong with him? Normally he appreciates my flirting compliments! 

Bodyswap event Something is wrong with Ludwig Part 1

(Event between @ask-the-german-commander & @nyogermanyandpup