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I’m getting vibes that FrUk is the most popular ship of the fandom nowadays considering the hate towards UsUk (btw chill guys)

I wanna know for real:

Like = FrUk
Reblog = UsUk
Like and Reblog = Both

Just a friendly poll, no need to get defensive. I personally would pick both but that’s just my opinion.

(Note: it’s been almost a day now, FrUk is winning by a landslide at the moment)

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                        The week of Hetalia is finally here!
                   Welcome to The Hetalia Extravaganza!

The prompts are in, and you have all decided on what is going to happen each day! If you’re unhappy with the prompts given, you can also do another listed prompt you like that wasn’t voted in, or even do whatever you like!

Remember, everything is allowed, regardless of ships, 2ps, nyos, favorite characters, everything is acceptable, along with any form of art, writing, or other such creative works. There are only a few exceptions that are made, and can be reviewed in the rules page!

The event will be running from September 3rd to September 9th 2017, almost a month from now to give everyone some time, so be sure to check your calendars or remember the date! I’ll make a post a week before the event starts as well as a reminder.

Voted prompts for the week:
Day 1: Steampunk- Whether it’s just drawing your favorite character in a steampunk-like outfit, to writing a ship with the entire au, it’s all up to you.
Day 2: Coffee Shop- The sweet and simple, yet elegant and perfect au for lovers to meet, or for people to grump over in the morning until their morning coffee, what to do with this prompt, or any of the others, is entirely up to you!
Day 3: Kingdom- Two kings, rivals fighting against each other, assigned marriage, or a lonesome warrior swooping in to save the day, the options are vast and wide!
Day 4: Magic- Magic is endless, some say to be careful with you wish for, or to tread carefully while using magic, for there is a sacrifice that always has to be made in return.
Day 5: Highschool/College- One of the most legendary aus around, there’s no doubt adventures can happen, from art class, to gym, to late night parties!
Day 6: Fantasy/Supernatural- Once again, the possibilities are endless! Vampires vs Werewolves, an elvish kingdom fighting orcs, to a group of stragglers of different species fighting for what they believe in.
Day 7: Angels and Demons- Angels and demons are always known to fight, but perhaps some are to fall in love, while others fight solely for their beliefs, or for chaos, and if one were to fall in love with a human, what such consequences would follow?

A vast majority of you voted for angels and demons, so I saved the best for last! I wrote out some drabbles as well to hopefully help with some ideas if any of you may be stuck in a rut on what to do.

Please remember to tag your amazing works as  #HetaliaExtravaganza2k17 so that I may be able to find it! Spreading the news as much as possible as well would be very much appreciated! Thank you, everyone!



Sorry but I’m bored of *~precious~* (aka weak-willed) England and The Top ™ France give me men who have fought against each other, for each other , with each other, who have spent 1000 years hating each other and loving each other and everything in between. Give me Arthur, a man who used to be an empire, who used to radiate power still learning to cope with just being England, learning that the others don’t see him the same, that he’s no longer a king amongst men. Give me Francis faking a smile and having to accept being seen as the flirt, the predator, the pretty face, the player, while he quietly tries to deal with pain, depression, a past of war and loss and still maintain the ‘big brother France’ act he has going on. Just, please, give me some 3D, in depth characters who are hurt and struggling to adjust to the modern world. P l e a s e.

On 31 July 1807: Napoleon ordered Talleyrand to tell Denmark-Norway to prepare for war against Britain or else Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte would invade Holstein. Neither Talleyrand nor Jackson persuaded the Danes to end their neutrality, so Jackson went back to the British fleet assembled in the Sound on 15 August. The British published a proclamation demanding the deposit of the Danish fleet; the Danes responded with “what amounted to a declaration of war”.

friend: you need a hobby

me: i already have a hobby

friend: photoshopping aph england’s eyebrows onto other hetalia characters isn’t a hobby