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(( Thank you I’m really happy you like my style <3. The little style series is over now I am kind of sad it was a lot of fun and I think all the styles fit them in a way. Anyway rocker monte (also rock is the genre all my ex yugoslavia oc like/listen to the most) he’d play the drums if he was a full on rocker


My latest visit in Middle East reminded me of this fascinating (yet very inconvenient for the Arabic learners) phenomenon called “dialects”. You’ve learned Modern Standard Arabic? Cool, nobody’s using it on a daily basis anyway, so you’ll have to master at least one dialect to communicate with people in one area…

Just to go to another Arabic country and being clueless again XD

Meanwhile Slavic travellers going to other Slavic countries rarely even use the local language because people will get most of what they’re saying in their mothertongue XDD

(Slavic characters are saying the word “white”, while Arabic are saying “What?” in various dialects. Hope I did transciption right)

Serbia © Tix91

Morocco, Lebanon, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen © me

  • Spain: Heyyyyyyy! England, France.
  • England: Hello Spain, please sit.
  • Mexico: Dad why am I here.
  • Spain: Because you're babysitting Matthew and Alfred!
  • Mexico: ughhhhhhh
  • America: Yay! Mexico is here!
  • Canada: Hi
  • England: Anyways you three go on we have things to discuss.
  • America: Imma kill a bear with a stick
  • Canada: I thought we were gonna summon Satan.
  • America: We'll use the bear's blood.

Bosnia: I wish I was as stable and put together as Monte

Slovenia: …


Serbia: one time he dropped a pizza and cried for three hours


“When Italy finds the deflated heart balloon Germany gave him, he’s convinced that something must have happened to Germany. Taking this as a logical conclusion he hurries to his place and (forcefully) takes care of him.”

Featuring Lao, Noffy (@mmd-ask-italy) and The Balloon.

The Haitian Revolution (French: Révolution haïtienne [ʁevɔlysjɔ̃ ajisjɛ̃n]), was a successful anti-slavery and anti-colonial insurrection that took place in the former French colony of Saint Domingue that lasted from 1791 until 1804. It impacted the institution of slavery throughout the Americas. Self-liberated slaves destroyed slavery at home, fought to preserve their freedom, and with the collaboration of mulattoes, founded the sovereign state of Haiti.[2][3][4] It led to the greatest slave uprising since Spartacus, who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Roman Republic nearly 1,900 years prior.[5]

  Fruk 1950s Dapper by Green-pleasant-land on DeviantArt                                                                                                                     ((I have finally drawn these two and like the drawing
I’ve started to doodle on my laptop and them finalize my doodles, which is really strange for me to do.
I just wanted to draw Alice in her 1950s outfit, and that means for me, a clean shaven Francis))

A whirl of memories surge in the replay his mind has built, memoirs of an affection only he believes in, memories of desire, of longing.

This song is accompanied by the repetitive staccato of cough, increasing in tempo, in rhythm, as red spills to his lips and chin like rouge—it colored his paling face that grew into an unhealthy, artificial white.

Out of these coughs myriad of withered petals—white, its tip in a gradient of pink.

He sighs, the inevitable has yet to come, he feared for this occurrence. Now however, everything makes sense, in a time wherein things will come to a blur, this has to be the clearest moment of his life.

“But I would die for you.”
He chokes out as more petals trickled down.

“I would die for you.”