With some recent developments in my life I’ve decided to attempt a side project. I’ve been thinking about this concept for a long long time so I thought might as well give it a shot, you know? Don’t know if it’ll go anywhere but honestly this was super duper fun to make!! Hope ya’ll enjoy my strange attempt at comedy.

Countries as stuff people have said to me at school.

America: When I die, bury me holding a burrito instead of a bouquet.

England: You’re the only person I respect here, everyone else is a thot.

France: This is [name], my bestie! *leans in and whispers* We’re secretly gay for each other, though.

Canada: (Said to him) On the first week of school I thought you were mute!

Russia: Talk. Say something. I want to hear you speak for once.

China: This kid saw some Chinese girl and immediately assumed it was me. I wasn’t even there. Like, bitch, we don’t all look alike.

Germany: Ignore him, he’s just having a stroke.

Italy: In this school, if you’re not gay you’re a minority!

Japan: I set my notification ringtone to “oof” so the Roblox gods will bless me.

Romano: Don’t look at me, we’re not friends anymore! I’m just kidding! No, seriously, we’re not friends anymore, don’t talk to me.

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What kind hobbies would you think that Axis would do on their free time?

Germany: Free time? What is that? But seriously, when this man actually got free time, he’d spend some of his time reading a book he never had the time to finish before, or playing with his dogs. Also, working out. That’s actually relaxing for him.

Italy: Feli would love to paint on his free time, everything from still-life or little doodles that came to mind. He also loves to sleep, so if he has free time (which isn’t as often as you’d think) he’d love to enjoy his naps. Watching cute cat videos are a must. 

Japan: Kiku would spend his time off doing things that help him wind down. For example, tending to a bonsai tree that he keeps in a small rock garden (similar to a zen garden), or catching up on new manga series that have come out and of course, his favorite one of all, taking hot baths. 

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Америка: Я люблю тебя до Луны и обратно. И я знаю, о чем говорю, потому что я летал до луны и обратно и я сделал это первым!

Россия: Ты - спутник моей жизни, но если продолжаешь так шутить, я запущу тебя на орбиту.

Америка: Твои слова словно угроза ядерной войны,заставляют впасть меня в истерию!

Россия: Ну тогда для вашего же блага, если сегодня вы будете спать один в холодной постели.

Америка: Неужели наш союз распадается?

Россия: Ваши шутки меня ранят, как инфляция в 90. Я вынужден покинуть эту игру.

Америка: Я не удивлен, потому что именно Америка выиграла Холодную Войну.

Россия: Все, как я и сказал, сегодня ты спишь на полу.

Америка: Эй, это же была шутка.

Россия: В советском союзе не было секса и были очень плохие шутки.

Америка: :(


Америка: Но война же закончилась.

Россия: /игнорирует/

Америка: Пусть внешне ты холоден, но я-то знаю, что Россия с ума сходит по Америке, не обманывай себя.

Россия: Нет.

Америка: /бормочет/ Пидора ответ.

Россия: /зашлял и упал с кровати от удивления/

Америка: не знал, что что-то может падать так же быстро как и рубль.

Россия: /в шоке смотрит на Америку/

Россия: Ладно, выиграл. /Смеётся/

(Смысл жизни - шутки за 300. Я не говорил, что у меня есть чувство юмора, пхп)


In order to prevent anything like this from happening again the Allies had to re-educate and de-nazificate the German population. This meant that the Nazi ideology had to disappear from the mindset of the people and they needed to be re-educated with a better one. This took place in all areas of daily life: school programs were changed, the political system was completely changed. street names were changed and even the language itself was changed. But most importantly, the Allies had to persecute the perpetrators and punish them. In order to do this, they categorized all the citizens by letting them fill in questions. Obviously they could not punish the entire population out of logistical reasons and because it wasn’t fair.

Depending on the answers, they were put in three categories: those who have no guilt, those who collaborated with the perpetrators and those who are guilty. They were later punished accordingly. The ones who were guilty faced either a death sentence or a prison sentence of a very long time. The collaborators often got sacked from their job and were not allowed to work in an important function such as teacher or politician. 

And those who were not guilty, according to their answers, were handed a so called “Persilschein”, which proved their innocence and were free from any guilt. 

And so, life in Germany after the war had to continue. 

“omg hetalia is so fun look at all these silly country hijinks! I luv history and teh yaoiz”

 “hetalia is a deeply offensive and stereotypical depiction of world history and himaruya is a nazi sympathizer and japanese imperialism apologist and anyone who engages with it is endorsing these harmful views”

 “Hetalia’s earlier, crude strips are indeed very inaccurate and insensitive to many world events, especially in its depiction of japan’s relationship with China and Korea. However, there is no substantial proof that Himaruya is a nazi sympathizer or imperial apologist beyond simply regurgitating general Japanese misconceptions of other nations.  Warlike and conquest-centric behavior is portrayed negatively and as the series has progressed the strips have ditched the WWII focus and onto more appropriate subjects of celebrating and exchanging fun facts about various cultural aspects different countries in a way that is more fitting to the light-hearted tone. Also, many (tho not all) of the most offensive jokes seem to originate originally from the Funimation dub, which inserted inappropriate nazi stereotype jokes and weird sexual references that were not originally in the Japanese version”

 “While Hetalia has moved away from its initial crude WWII-centric humor, the fact is that there are multiple issues with the portrayals of nations in the canon, and even if they are older strips, people’s concerns should not be dismissed. It’s completely understandable that due to various questionable content in the canon, as well as some of the insensitive, fetishizing, and historically inaccurate material created by fans in the wake of Hetalia’s popularity, some folks would want nothing to do with Hetalia, and fans absolutely need to respect that and be critical of the material they are engaging in.”

“There’s certainly been a lot of cringe-worthy content produced by both hetalia canon and even more so by the hetalia fandom that many of us are all too familiar with. However, people of multiple nationalities and ethnicities have been able to connect emotionally and intellectually with Hetalia, and have used the initial simple premise to research more about history and the customs of other countries, examine their own cultural identities, critically approach the way history is taught and presented to them by comparing nation character portrayals with international fans, and overall just become more aware of the world in a fun and engaging way. Fans have used their creativity to make historical headcanons to repair the inaccuracies and overlooked aspects of the canon, as well as OCs and character reinterpretations for countries and parts of national identity that aren’t represented fully by existing characters. Some people have even used the Hetalia premise of anthropomorphizing countries (which is an age-old tradition that was not initially invented by Hetalia btw) as a platform to launch their own original stories and historical approaches in a way that goes beyond the initial limited Japanese perspective of the original series. All of this is very exciting and it’s perfectly reasonable for Hetalia fans to be enthusiastic about the things being made in their fandom, whichever aspect they are a part of, because of this.”

“I can’t…. believe ……all these talented fan artists and writers somehow…. invest time and energy into making the low budget anime men attractive”