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They were driving from hospital to Arthur’s apartment. Arthur previous night was working all night long and ….. in the middle of the drive…. Iggy fell asleep. Right as he was driving and got in car crush…. 

Both Lia and Iggy are in coma…

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Can I get nyo Russia and America as a married couple?

I’m so sorry for the late but i hope you like it my dear!

I lost more time with the bouquet than with the characters (and when i work about this the first time, suddenly, my pc is off by itself  =D)

And with this i finished all the requests: thank you all!!

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All for freedom and for pleasure.

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And in your mind you’re singing la-la-la.  

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^ All the actors recieved a picture of their character as a gift, drawn by Himaruya Hidekaz himself.

The actors say that they now have more energy than ever and will - with the power Hidekaz has sent to them - give everything they’ve got for the remaining performances in Tokyo and Osaka.

Good luck guys ^^