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Maybe some ship moodboards? Like usuk, or prucan... maybe a moodboard based of canada feeling alone or something? Sealand feeling small and helpless?

“I’ll always love you”
Spamano ~ OTP 


Guitars Used By Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains) - as requested! 

From Top to Bottom: 
G&L Rampage (from the 80s)  
Dean USA Michael Schenker Standard V 
G&L Rampage (again from the 80s)  
Music Man Axis/EVH Gold Top 

why is there so little musician/band au fic where the nordic five are a heavy metal band and norway has got a killer set of pipes (like the guy could be on broadway) but instead he uses them to scream and they look all intimidating and shit on stage but offstage they’re the sweetest, goofiest, guys who donate 90% of what they make to charity, initiate cuddle piles and play with puppies