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Designs for the Life Spirit!! He is very nature-oriented, and his connection to all living things is expressed through his cape. 

Fun Fact: Death isn’t a Spirit, but merely Life’s little shadow. It’s an extension of Life, because you can’t have one without the other. It’s all parts of the same piece of cloth.

Story of the Life Spirit

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lifestyle headcanons ➢ germany & prussia

gilbert lives in a guest house in ludwig’s backyard but spends a good portion of his time on ludwig’s couch playing video games and drinking all of his beer. he complains a lot about roderich visiting way too often.

ludwig’s had the house since the 19th century, but the interior is very modern because minimalist design makes him go weak at the knees. there probably isn’t a single speck of dust in the entire house. every picture frame has been meticulously leveled. the appliances are always brand new, to the point that roderich doesn’t know how to use any of them. no one is sure how ludwig manages to keep dog hair off the furniture and several suspect witchcraft. between ludwig and gilbert, there are so many books that bookshelves fill every spare inch of wall space, and they probably have to regularly comb through them and donate old books to libraries to make room for more.

at some point, ludwig had to build a bigger garage to accommodate his car fetish.

they get routine noise complaints for playing rammstein too loudly.

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So Im fairly new to this fandom and I was wondering how much of the AUs are canon? Like I see all these different AUs and sometimes I get unsure of what was made by the creator and what is fanon. (cardverse, wingtalia, etc) (thank you for your time, I dont know who else to ask)

There’s a few AUs, though some have more development than others! Here’s a quick guide, split into AUs that Himaruya more commonly adds to, and AUs that began with canon drawings, but are largely developed by the fandom!

Recurring AUs:

Gakuen Hetalia: The countries as students at the ‘World Academy’.

Nyotalia: The female versions of the countries (or male, where the original country is female). NB: they are intended to be entirely different people from the original countries.

Nekotalia: The countries as cats. They’re owned by their human counterparts.

Mochitalia: The countries as rice cakes. They’re owned by Estonia.

Magical Strike: In which France is a ‘magical girl’-type character whose power is to go on strike. Other characters also have roles, such as England as the tax collector, and America as the company president’s son.

Less Developed AUs:

Cardverse: A selection of countries drawn as if the representatives of playing cards, meaning each therefore corresponds to a suit and rank. The AU has not made any further appearances since its first.

Another Colour (2Ptalia): The countries with an alternate design/palette, drawn ‘as if they ran an evil organisation’, though they have not been given canon personalities. NB: the original Axis and Nyotalia designs were drawn in 2011, but the Allies’ designs were not sketched until 2013. Therefore, the Allies’ designs that are commonly used in fanon are based on the Nyotalia Allies’ canon designs instead. 

page 375 panel a - After sending it off I realized that last post had the scent of biology about it. I don’t know if there is someone down here now, but I know there was someone down here long ago. They told me they were a biologist and I believed them. They seemed to know their stuff.

But, what if the biologist has been down here ever since, hiding just out of sight in the darkness, moving slowly so as not to be heard? If I have had someone down here with me all along why would he not show himself so we can talk and not be so abjectly alone?

Very strange. Here are a pile of axes.

Kiku Honda

Formed “The Ghost Huntering Axis” at the age of 12. Creates weapons and tools for hunts. Attends Washington University. Current age: 24.

Feliciano Vargas. 

Joined “The Ghost Huntering Axis” at the age of 10. Exorcises spirits from those who have been possessed before or during a hunt. Attends Washington University. Current age: 22.

Ludwig Beilschmidt

Joined “The Ghost Huntering Axis” at the age of 11. Uses specialized weapons to weaken spirits so they can be captured during hunts. Attends Washington University. Current age: 23.

Ladies, Gentlemen, and All other gender conformations, please welcome The Ghost Huntering Axis!

//More designs for siblings and other connected characters will be out hopefully soon, but for now ask these three boys anything you wish!//